Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Niece Or Nephew?

We are excited to find out if we will soon have a new niece or a new nephew. Josh's sister is expecting her first baby and very well could have the baby tomorrow. We can hardly wait to find out whether she will have a boy or girl. I told Josh's parents to keep us informed and to send lots of pictures of the baby.

Panasonic HDTV

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Computer Slowness

There are times when my computer seems very fast and sometimes it is so slow that I know I could go away and do some other task, come back and then do my computer work. I don't always think it is the computers fault. I am sure that there are times when there are so many people online that it slows everything down. Computers have gotten so much faster and have more memory than ever. My parents had an old computer that they thought was fast and had tons of storage. It was a 1.2 gig hard drive and had 16 meg of ram. They thought that they could never fill that hard drive. Wow, were they wrong. I don't think they could even buy a new one that small. They started out with dial up internet too. Some people don't even know what that is.

Supper Out

Josh's dad and mom were talking to us on the phone tonight and told how they went for supper with some friends instead of staying home for the trick or treaters. These friends of theirs are a retired couple they have known for many years. If fact when Josh and his siblings were little they used to trick or treat at their house.

Unique Wedding Favors

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I was talking to my dad about the casinos in the area that he lives. Apparently some casinos have a non profit entity that must give several percent of what they make back to their communities. There are some that give high school graduating seniors thousands of dollars towards college. Some give to other groups also like fire departments and ambulance services. I guess the casinos do some good although there are definitely some negative aspects to them too.

Seems Late

Even though it is after 7pm it seems much later. It gets dark quite early don't you think? Next weekend we set our clocks back an hour and I am sure there are those that will forget. They will be at church and work early. Some people talk as though will get so much more sleep. I think that is just in their heads. I just know that it is early but it seems late.

Lap band

If you are someone that has been contemplating some type of surgery to assist you with a weight concern, now there is Lap band surgery. Journey Lite is a fast expanding group of specialized surgical facilities that are made up of teams of exceptionally skilled bariatric surgeons and healthcare professionals. They provide a safer way to surgically aid in losing those unwanted pounds. They have a great support system. With this procedure an adjustable gastric banding is placed around the upper section of the stomach. In turn this creates a smaller pouch and passageway for food to enter. It causes a feeling of being full and content. A person will actually then find themselves eating less. With post-operative care you are on your way to a new and healthy you.


Boy, sometimes computers can be a pain. Our old computer was beginning to really slow down. It would freeze up and wasn't handling the downloading of our pictures, very well. With Josh's Grad school on the horizon, we decided we better look into purchasing something faster and bigger. Josh loves his new lap top. I'm sure glad we got it.


Well, here we are. For nine months we have been anticipating the arrival of our precious little baby, Emry. Now his due date has past and we are very anxious to meet him. We know that it can't be to long now, but it's hard to wait sometimes. You know how that can be. All in God's timing. :)

Vintage Bulk Candy

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rival Schools

I remember when I was in high school that there were, what you might call, rivals that we competed with. Josh's dad said he worked with someone that claimed that his high school was known for being the most unsportsmanlike in the state. I don't think that is worth being known for. In fact, I think if they are that bad that they shouldn't be allowed to participate until they change their ways.

Condos for Sale

My husband and I have been married for about two and a half years now. We have found that we love to travel. We enjoy white-sand beaches and beautiful sunsets. We think that someday it would be fun to check into these condos for sale. They are popping up everywhere now. Maybe a location close to a beach would be nice.

Advertising Pens

When you are in a business you often find that advertising can be an important link to your success. I've always liked when people have special items that they give out that have their personal information on the product. For example with advertising pens. Most everyone uses a pen now and again. If the name of a company is on there it is advertising for them. I feel it is a wise investment for that business.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cold Weather

I guess the weather in the north part of the US has been pretty cool lately. It is nice for this time of year, with temperatures getting into the 60's in the day, but cooling off at night. We have friends and family that have talked about all the leaves blowing around and the frost on the grass in the morning. I guess I had forgotten about those kinds of things because it seems like it is always nice where we live.

World Series Tickets

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Nerf Bars

Have you ever heard of nerf bars? I hadn't until recently. My father in law said he was looking into buying some for his truck. I guess they are like steps that are attached to each side of the vehicle, sometimes to use as a step and sometimes just for looks. He checked into some and they were between four and six hundred dollars.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Since moving......

Since we moved into our new apartment, we have both been on a huge kick to decorate and fix things in the apartment. We recently bought a new cabinet for the bathroom along with curtains, and many other items. Well, along with this kick has come the desire to have better tools!!! I looked into Ingersoll Rand air tools and was very impressed! I have been searching their site and will likely be purchasing some products in the near future. It will be great to have quality tools to use. It will not only cut down on the amount of time it will take us to do a project, but they perform better and do a smoother job too.

Feeling Great!

Over the past 9 months, both Diana and I have probably ate better than at any other time in our lives. Diana is also taking vitamins and got me on some, as well. We are feeling great and I think a lot of it has to do with eating well and taking nutritional supplements, that are good for us. All these diets teach you to starve yourself, but that is actually worse for you. Just eat well, take your vitamins, and look into nutritional supplements!

New Lamps:)

Since moving we have bought a lot of new things for our apartment. It is coming together great but I never knew how expensive lamps were!!! We did some market research to figure out which was the best choice for us, and which was actually in our price range. We finally made a choice and I think we came out with a beautiful lamp!! I love it and I think everyone else that comes to visit us when Emry is born, will like it too!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy Day

It's been a busy day. We're still trying to move things over from our old apartment and get things organized before Emry arrives. It's a lot of work to move. It seems as time goes on a person collects more and more stuff. Then when you do move, it's just a bigger job. We sure do like our new place though. A lot more space for our family.


Josh's parents own a Bichon. She is such a cute, sweet little thing. Her name is Zoe. We enjoy getting to see her when we're back home. She is however, kind of spoiled, with her red little bows in her hair and treats every time she turns around. I think she would be missed if anything ever happened to her. She's become part of the family. I wonder what she'll think of Emry when she meets him.

Villa in Orlando

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It sure is different living in the South. I grew up where you experienced the four seasons. I can't say that I've really missed Winter all that much, but Spring and Fall are pretty times of the year. Summer's not too bad either. Along with the consistent warmer temperatures of the South comes all kinds of different bugs. I'm not wild about them, but I guess I'll have to put up with it.

Miami Heat tickets

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Well, we had another Dr appointment yesterday. We're so anxious for Emry to arrive. Everything is looking great, so now we play the waiting game. Not sure if I have any signs of anything progressing. Emry's been very active and heart sounds strong. It won't be long now and we'll get to meet him. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We need a new hard drive!

Our old Dell computer has been acting up for some time now. We thought that it was the memory, but the other day it totally crashed, and we learned that it was the hard drive. We are looking for new ones and hoping that they will be able to recover all of our things that were stored on it, but we will just have to wait and see. We have almost all of our photos on that computer and so many memories. We are just praying they can save our stuff!

Truck Bedliner

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transforming our home:)

So, we were at the store the other day... shopping for my birthday:).... and we saw all these really cool decorations for a house. they were all different types of movie theater looking decorations, that we just loved! I told Di that it would be awesome to have a theater in our home with discount home theater seating and a huge screen. Then we could buy all the decorations we found and have the ultimate home theater!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Villeroy & Boch Serveware

Wow, that is all I can say about the serveware by Villeroy & Boch! I was always under the impression that great serveware was always extremely expensive and that there was no way I could ever afford any! I have always settled for the middle of the line serveware, but that is all about to change.

Villeroy & Boch have an amazing assortment of serveware to select from and they have great prices. We are planning on having family over for Thanksgiving, so it is only fitting that we look into purchasing some serveware now, to help make our family Thanksgiving even more memorable! If I had to select one set of serveware by Villeroy & Boch, it would have to be Anmut! "Inspired by a vintage Villeroy & Boch design from the early 1920’s, this pattern is a modern masterpiece...with clean lines and a sleek timeless shape." I really can't put it any better than that! This set is extremely classy and sleek. There are some very great pieces of serveware with great design, but I am all about classy pieces, and this is about as classy as they come! I can only imagine how amazed everyone will be when they show up and see this serveware on the table! It will be a great addition to a wonderful meal.

You can't go wrong with Villeroy & Boch's elegant tableware and serveware! Head over and checkout all they have to offer and take advantage of their 20% off offer, on serveware. The offer goes through October 31st, so you better hurry!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Are any of you hooked on any of the series shows that are on TV this Fall? There is Gray's Anatomy, CSI Las Vegas, House, Survivor, Dances with the Stars and more. We're not sure if we want to get to involved in a show. Soon little Emry will be here and we will want to be spending our time with him. We'll have to see how it goes I guess.


Josh and I love to watch movies. We have quite a large library of videos and also enjoy going out to the show once in a while. There have been a lot of big releases this Fall. The new Rush Hour, Die Hard and Bourne Identitiy movies to name a few. Not sure when we'll find the time to see them all, but we'll probably try. :)

Moving Relocation Services

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I think it will be another night of homework. Josh has been very busy with work and school. He often needs to go to the library and do research for his papers. This grad school stuff requires a lot of papers. Good thing Josh is so good in that area. He's a great writer.


Boy, I'm hungry. Not sure what we should have. Maybe I'll just cook up something and surprise Josh. I'm sure he'll be ready to eat when he gets back. My lasagna sounds pretty good. Or maybe we could grab take out. I'm just not sure. Sometimes it's easier for someone else to make the choice don't you think?

Online University

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Josh is home!

YES! He just walked in the door! When he comes home it seems like it takes my mind off the pregnancy a little bit:) When I am home alone all I do is think about Emry coming..haha.. Have I mentioned that I am SOOOO ready? :) I think Josh and I are going to go eat now, so I will have to finish writing some entries later tonight.. Talk to you then... that is, if you call this talking?!? :)

Tattoo removal alternatives!

I have heard of so many different ways to get tattoos removed. I have heard of laser removal, creams that help remove tattoos, and others. I always wondered if some of these tattoo removal methods were safe since you either shoot yourself with a laser or apply some magical cream that happens to take off the tattoo. Lasers just seem dangerous in general, but what about creams? I always wondered if it was some sort of acid or something. Well, I don't know exactly how they work, but it appears the FDA is banning tattoo removal creams, so I guess I was right. They must be dangerous.

I ran across a great press release helping to warn people about the dangers of some methods of tattoo removal, and it is important that everyone knows that there are safer methods out there! Take a look at this press release for some very valuable information! Press Release

Headline: FDA bans Tattoo Removal Creams?

San Diego - With the launch of it’s new website, warns the public about possible health risks associated with using tattoo removal creams purchased on the Internet. The new site states “many” tattoo removal creams sold online contain Hydroquinone, which is usually the active ingredient in skin bleaching creams.

In August 2006 the FDA proposed a ban on over the counter skin bleaching creams containing Hydroquinone due to concerns about Cancer and Exogenous Ochronosis. This proposed ban is similar to those already enacted in Japan, France, Great Britain and Australia for the same reasons. CEO Rick Barker notes, “Indirectly—and probably without knowing it—the FDA is saying they think the tattooed public may be at risk if they use tattoo removal creams containing Hydroquinone. This is particularly true when you consider most skin bleaching cream makers––prescription or OTC––never recommend Hydroquinone be used more than 4-6 months for maximum effect. Many tattoo removal cream makers online offer supplies well beyond this recommended period.” sells TCA at its website to help consumers remove tattoos in a natural non-laser fashion. TCA is a popular non-prescription skin-peeling agent commonly used by doctors, health spas and private individuals to remove fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars on the face. TCA has twice been medically tested and proven to fade and/or remove tattoos on the body. TCA looks and feels like water and is applied with a q-tip. There is no Hydroquinone in TCA.


For Emry to be born! I see all these little babies on TV and then think about how Emry is already bigger than them and he isn't even born yet! haha.. I am getting impatient. I told everyone I wouldn't but it is so hard not too, when you just want to see him so bad:) Both of us are very excited and we try to forget about it to help make time go by faster, but everyone brings it up to us which makes us think about it even more..haha

Help Make A Difference!

I try to help charities, such as UNICEF, out as much as possible. I found another great one to help promote! is partnering up with UNICEF for an amazing, Star-Studded, "Unite Against AIDS" benefit concert! The "concert features Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, Corneille, and Angelique Kidjo and will take place on November 28th at the Bell Centre in Montreal!"

I am sure you are wondering what IndieMV - Music+People is, right? Well, IndieMV is a music video based social network, and they are very excited to be teaming up with UNICEF for this event! One of their goals is to promote the impact that one individual can have on the world. They also have a youth video contest, which can be found at, that allows participants to edit video clips, images, and music tracks to incoorporate their own personal statements about the impact of AIDS. The prizes range from a trip to a concert in Montreal to iPods, Wii's, Best Buy gift certificates, and much more! See the below Press Release for more information.

Press Release: Launches and Partners With UNICEF for Upcoming, Star-Studded, 'Unite Against AIDS' Benefit Concert

Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan and Others to Perform at UNICEF AIDS Benefit Concert as IndieMV Provides Music-Video Based Contests to Promote Awareness

NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IndieMV Media Group announced today the official launch of the Company's web site and shared details about their recent partnership with UNICEF to provide music-video based contests surrounding the upcoming "Unite Against AIDS" benefit concert on November 28, 2007., is a video-based website that has been designed to connect independent music artists, fans, and labels through social networking. The website is not only a video marketplace for musicians but also a social networking service for students, music lovers, and users that simply want to connect. Services to users are based around networking tools such as video blogging (or 'vlogging'), private web-cam messaging, photo sharing, as well as access to music videos, interviews, and much more. Services to musicians include digital distribution with revenue share on video downloads along with access to all user-based features.

IndieMV also offers users a new technology called 'Sliders'. Sliders are an advanced tagging system that allows users to easily search content on a more personalized level. It is a filtering system that each user can customize to their personal interests and preferences.

Concurrent with the website launch, the Company is also pleased to announce their new relationship with UNICEF surrounding music-video based contests that have been organized to help promote their upcoming "Unite Against AIDS" benefit concert in Montreal, Canada on November 28, 2007, as well as promote independent music while spreading awareness for the "Unite For Children, Unite Against AIDS" campaign. IndieMV will be hosting a music-video contest in conjunction with UNICEF. It has been designed to give youth the opportunity to share their impressions and thoughts on issues regarding AIDS and its effect on the world. UNICEF will provide audio tracks and visual footage, and IndieMV will provide the platform for uploading, viewing, and voting for the music videos. Over the next couple of months, the Company's campus development efforts will carry the UNICEF message and encourage thousands to support the campaign and to build their scene on

Confirmed feature performers already include headliner Avril Lavigne, Grammy Award winner Sarah McLachlan, Corneille, Marie-Mai, Angelique Kidjo, and DJ Dino Lenny, as well as the winner of the IndieMV "Unite" band contest. Net proceeds from the concert will benefit UNICEF's international 'Unite For Children, Unite Against AIDS' campaign, which is the largest ever mounted to bring the world's attention to the global impact of HIV and AIDS on children and young people. Please visit for more details surrounding the contests and concert.


I LOVE our new apartment, but I can't stand that we have NO reception with our cell phone! haha... The phone has to work so hard to find towers that the battery honestly dies in a couple of hours and we receive no calls that we are supposed too.. When I want to talk with people I have to find a spot where reception can be found, set the phone down, and i cant move while I talk. it will even die if i just move in front of the phone in the wrong way... what do i do?!?! AHHHHHHH

It is time to buy eco friendly products!

If you are like me, then you are tired of all of these products that are so eco UN-friendly. I know this sounds like a weird statement, but I am simply saying it is time that we start using more eco friendly products. Take for example. They offer over 100 eco friendly products for you to select from. Their products range from water bottles to solar backpacks and flashlights.

I know we are going to look into getting some of their baby products! I had no idea they had so much to offer and when I saw a category for baby items, I was really excited to look up what they all have. We need a crib really bad, so this will be the perfect opportunity to finally pick one up!

live greener products does more than just talk, they actually practice what they preach. They do not use plasticware and use such things as recycled office supplied, kitchen goods, and 100% recycled cardboard boxes! Not only do they sell great eco friendly products, but they also have an awesome learning center with has great information from sources like the EPA and US Department of Energy! They even have a blog called "GreenMusings" where their employees and the public can share green stories and photos!

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Getting a new tv!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our big screen tv fried:( It was one of the last storms we had and it totally ruined it. We learned that it would cost over 600 dollars to fix and figured that it was not worth that kind of money. We are looking at getting a plasma tv since they have gone down so much in price. I was looking at this plasma stand, and was surprise at how cheap they were, too. I think we will probably make a decision sometime in the next week or two.

We need a new hard drive!

Our old Dell computer has been acting up for some time now. We thought that it was the memory, but the other day it totally crashed, and we learned that it was the hard drive. We are looking for new ones and hoping that they will be able to recover all of our things that were stored on it, but we will just have to wait and see. We have almost all of our photos on that computer and so many memories. We are just praying they can save our stuff!

Our new apartment has a bath!

As many of you know, our last apartment just had a walk in shower. We really missed being able to take baths. Well, our new apartment has a bathtub. I know it isn't exactly like many of the hot tubs out there, but it is better than nothing! We are not complaining at all! I have already taken over 10 baths in the first 2 weeks of living here:) can help you!

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Hosting the meeting :)

Tonight we are going to have the RA's and OA's over for their staff meeting. I am excited because we finally have the room to do it. If i have time i want to make some food for them, but we will see. I am just so happy that we have so much room now:) We have been loving the new apartment.. now we just need to finish getting all of our stuff out of our old apartment..haha

Longgg night.

Last night I stayed up with Josh and helped proof read his first paper. It was kind of fun to help with it and it was his first paper that has been due. It was really good, but I think we made it even better after proofing it. I told him that i would have given him a C before proofing it, but now I would give him an A :)

Waverly South Beach... you can't go wrong!

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If you have questions about floorplans or layouts of specific units, give them a call or email for more information!

Feeling better

I am starting to feel better.... Finally:) I think I might have given it to Josh though:(... he now has a stuffy nose and a sore throat. The nice thing is that he can take medicine though, and I can't. so he will be able to get over it a lot faster than I did. I couldn't take anything, so I just had to let it wear off:(

Darvin Ham!!!

I am kind of hoping that Darvin Ham makes the Mavs final roster, as I think he would be a great asset! I know he wouldn't get to play much, but his experience (winning a championship with the pistons) and his leadership would be great to have! I remember Darell Armstong a couple years ago and how much of a help he was, as far as leadership goes. I think That Darvin would have that same effect in the locker room, and could be someone that helps keep the team on track.

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I am having more contractions than I have in the past. Actually, yesterday they started being more consistent yesterday, but they don't last very long. Only a second or so and then they are gone. I can't wait to see him and I know it is getting closer by the day! we have a lot to do before then, but I don't care.... I just want Emry here!:)

How bout them Cowgirls!!!

hahaha, alright, so I maybe I am a little mean. I know they are still probably the best team in the NFC, but I have to poke some fun at them. Living in Dallas can drive you crazy! Having to listen to all these blind Cowboy fans... Today I was talking to one of them and they said how bad they are going to beat my Vikings this coming week. I pointed out that the Vikings 3 losses have been by a total of 12 points and all 3 losses were lost either in overtime or in the last couple minutes of the game. This fan said, "who have the Vikings even played?".... I thought about it for a minute and explained to him that the Vikings opponent record is well above that of the Cowboys opponents. Besides playing the Patriots, the Cowboys have beaten a 1-5 team, and two teams that are now 0-6! Leave it to a Cowboy fan to make themselves look like an idiot..haha

Vacation in Orlando!

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Well, they won!!!! As usual, it wasn't a pretty game, but I am not complaining! All of their 3 losses were close games in which they could have easily won. It was nice to see them pull one out at the end, as they finally were on the winning side of a field goal, instead of the losing end!

Adrian Peterson Rocks!

224 rushing yards and over another 100 yards receiving and kick returning! Adrian Peterson is turning out to be GOLDEN for the Vikings! Everyone said he would be too injury prone, but I didn't buy it! His injuries were flukes, like the collar bone injury. They could happen to anyone and I don't think it means he is injury prone. He has proven to be a great addition to our team and just think what he could do with more than 20 carries!!!

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Mavs now 1-2 in preseason....

What does that record matter? Nothing at all! They haven't been playing starters that much as they want to give some of the younger guys and bench players some playing time. This is the time when we find out who our second and third string players are going to be. some people think it is kind of boring to watch, but I really think it is fun to see who steps up and makes the team!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Today is finally Friday! It has been a longggg week! I have not been feeling well, head cold, all week and just want it to be gone! I do feel a little better, but it is still miserable to be so weak feeling and stuffed up. Hopefully I will be able to relax this weekend and get some of my energy back, as I am going to need it in a couple weeks;)

Cruise the Beach!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Goodbye Xbox Live:(

Well, Josh is officially sad today... Yup, you guessed it, he has to cancel his Xbox Live account. We just don't have the money or the time. He is bummed since the New NBA 2k8 game came out and he can't get it or play it online.. I think it is funny how weird guys are with their video games :)

I am more worried about getting everything ready for the baby and Josh is sad about video games:) haha

Book through!

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The Mavs!

Well, they looked darn good the other night. I know it is just pre-season, but it still shows that they are up there. the Spurs fans like to say "it is just pre-season," which is obviously true. But any Mavs or Spurs fan knows that both teams try their hardest vs. one another. They played their starters for 3 quarters, on both sides. The mavs were also without D.J., Dampier, Eddie Jones, and Deavan George.

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Josh's First Paper

Well, it is still coming along. It is crazy how much he is having to research just 2 weeks into his program! I am very glad it isn't me going for my masters..:) I do feel bad that he is working so hard, but he loves what he is going to school for, so he will do great. Oh, and I am carrying a baby, so I shouldn't feel that bad.. right? :)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School going well, so far

Well, Josh is less stressed than he was a week ago at this time, which is very good. I am not sure if he is just catching on and getting in the flow, or what, but it seems he is doing much better. We have also come up with somewhat of a schedule to help him, too. We prayed about it a lot, as the last thing we want is for him to be super stressed during this busy time in our lives!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Our first pediatrician visit is tomorrow!

We get to go to our first pediatrician tomorrow, after our baby doctors appointment. we are very excited since the doctor we chose comes very highly recommended by our Midwife. She said that this particular doctor is very good with bedside manor and loves to work with families who use midwives (which is usually not the case). We are just going for an initial visit to see how we like her, but we expect that we will probably approve. She has a waiting list of a month to get into see her, so she must be good, right?

Great Parenting Site!

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Autographs again?!?! :)

Yup, Josh was able to get an autograph session pass when we went to the fan jam! he does it every time! I don't know how he gets so lucky, but he does. he got all of the rest of the Mavs players that he still needed, including all of the new guys on this years team.

In other news, we have our baby appointment tomorrow, which is very exciting:)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gold Price

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We got up this morning and thought we better keep on the moving business. We still have a few things that need to be brought to our new place. They're pretty much the smaller things but, needless to say it still needs to be done. I'm very thankful for all of the help that people gave us. It makes a big job seem smaller.


Isn't it wonderful the technology we have available to us today. Living so far away from family isn't always ideal but, with the phone and computers a person can keep in touch. It still amazes my mom at how you can call someone from anywhere and hear them just fine. I sure appreciate having the technology available.


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WOW!It is sure nice to have a bigger home for our family. It is such a blessing. We are still in the process of moving in things, but it's definitely coming along. It is also fun to have new things. I enjoy decorating and fixing up the place. It's going to be such a nice home for Emry! We are anxiously awaiting his arrival. :)

Beautiful Day

Well, it's another nice day here. It's in the upper 70's and pleasant. That's one nice thing about living in the south, you have a lot of nice weather. When we were back home, you would often receive snow and ice. Not much of that here thank goodness. I must say though, I do miss the season changes a little bit. The beautiful Fall colors and leaves falling.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Our new apartment is coming along.

So, we are basically moved in, for the most part. We love it so far! We got new furniture, and other items to decorate with. I am going to try and have them install vessel sinks in the apartment though, just to help us upgrade some. There are some really beautiful ones, so it would be great to have them installed in our apartment. I am not going to complain though, because our new apartment is really nice and gives us a lot of room to live in! Emry will love it!

Finally Friday!

Although I get to work on homework this weekend, it is still great to finally see Friday arrive! We went to the fan jam last night and it was really fun! A lot of the players ended up throwing their shirts into the crowd. We didn't get one, but we sure tried! This weekend should be relaxing as all there is to do is finish moving and homework. Wow, when I say it like that it seems like we are going to be really busy. I sure hope that doesn't end up being the case.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mavs Fan Jam!

we are leaving for the Mavs Fan Jam in a couple minutes!!! we are really excited about going!!! We hope to get some autographs too, especially some of the new players! We are going to go early, as always, and camp out by the doors. I dont mind going pregnant because i can just sit there and relax, most of the time. I will write about how it went, when we get back!

Need more garage lighting? I got your answer!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Josh found a buyer!

Well, Josh ended up helping us make some good money off of the tickets. we would still have loved to go, but we ended up making some good baby money..haha.. he didn't have to look hard as everyone wants to go to the concert and it is totally sold out. He ended up selling them to one of his staff members who didnt get any. she said that she hadn't been paid when the tickets were released, so she couldnt afford them at the time. she has been paid since then, and was able to buy them... she will LOVE it because Josh was first in line and got proffered tickets, which are right in front!

Romantic Experiences!

If you know me, then you know that I am a die hard romantic! Josh is not a natural romantic, but he really tries hard and always comes up with some really creative ideas for my birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. There are a lot to pick from, but my favorite trip that Josh put together was...

For our anniversary. It was our 1 year anniversary as a married couple and Josh hadn't said anything about it during the week. I knew he wouldn't forget about it, but it sure didn't seem like he was going to do anything special. Well, Friday rolls around and he says that he wants to take me out to eat when he gets home from work. After work, we got dressed up nicely and went out to eat at a really romantic restaurant. When we got done eating he asked me to cover my eyes on the way home. I am very good at being able to tell where we are going, even with my eyes shut, so Josh started driving around the block to throw me off. Once he knew I was totally lost, he drove a while and then stopped. He then helped me out of the car and led me somewhere. When he told me I could open my eyes, I opened them and found that he had rented us a really romantic cabin with a kitchen, living room, very nice bedroom, and a huge hot tub. We had such a great time and he had even come earlier in the day to put rose peddles all over the cabin. I will never forget that first anniversary!

I think I have been a romantic like this, ever since starting to read Romance Novels. They are always so romantic and sweep you off your feet. I do live vicariously through them at times, but Josh is very good about outdoing them. If you want to read some really good Romance Novels, you should check out the collection at! They have a great selection that will send you into another world, or help bring back some very romantic memories that you may have!

Rhianna concert....

well, we decided that we shouldn't go tonight. we thought about it and really wanted to go, but we just dont want to take a chance of the loud noise being hard on Emry's ears. our birth class teacher said he would be fine because of all the padding he has in there, but it just doesn't make us comfortable. not to mention, it will be crazy at the concert and people will be pushing, shoving, etc... i just dont want to have to worry about that. josh is trying to sell them right now:)

Don't settle for a trashy garage!

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