Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow, you have to checkout Keylogger!

What a coincidence! My husband and I would love to start a family and one of our fears is the internet. Everyday there are more and more stories of children running into predetors and other negative things on the interent. Keylogger is just the program I have been looking for!

I remember when I was younger, my parents had those programs that would block certain sites, but they were so annoying! They would block important sites that I needed to go to and were not easy to use. Keylogger is not only affordable, but it is very easy to use and navigate! Keylogger does more than just block sites, it also has the capability to track chat logs, screen prints, passwords, programs launched, and even keystrokes! You have got to check it out today!

Not only parents will benefit from using keylogger. My friend is a small business owner and he is going to use it for monitoring his employees computer use and making sure they are working efficently. I have other friends who just want to use keylogger for their own curiosity about their personal internet use. Then there is my brother who always carries his laptop around and lets his friends use his computer. He wants to use keylogger to help track what others are doing on his computer, to ensure they are not getting into anything that is not appropriate or sites that could give him viruses. Keylogger definitely has something to offer every internet user!

Keylogger is easy to use and very affordable! I suggest making this wise investment today!

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Going to Ripley's and the Wax Museum!

Josh's family wants to go to Ripley's and the wax museum, so that is what we are doing:) Josh is really excited to take them since we have never been there while living here, either. I think we will treat them to Chipotle as well!! YUMMMMMMMM....lol... We are going to take them to Grapevine, to shop, too! It is so much fun having family down here so we can show them around.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Smartphones are the smart way to go!

I recently gave in and got a smartphone. I personally got it because I love that I can put all of my appointments into it and it offers so many other features. So, why didn't I give in and get one before now? I never got a smart phone before because they were so HUGE!

Today, I was reading an article in which Wirefly was talking about the increase in smartphone sales (according to Wirefly) as of late. One of the reasons they gave was because of the increase in "thinner, more stylish smartphones." I would totally agree with their statement, as now I can have a smartphone that actually fits in my pocket. The ability they now have to make these smartphones so thin is amazing!

Wirefly also mentioned that smartphones are now more reasonable in price, which is also another very large reason I finally got one. As with many of you, I could not afford a $500 phone, and now that many smartphones are around $100 I was able to afford one with no problem.

I suggest you check out the smartphones at Wirefly today!

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We are having soooo much fun!

Josh's family has been here for 2 days already and we are having a blast! Today, I had to work but Josh was able to take them to Dallas. They went to Westend and also to the JFK memorial and the 6th floor museum. They loved it!

Tomorrow we are taking them shopping at some really cute shops and then going to Dave and Busters which I think they will like a lot! They have never been to Dave and Busters, so it will be a real treat for them! Josh and Jake may go to Six Flags, but they haven't decided for sure yet.

Well, it is time for me to go to bed since I have a long day tomorrow!! NIGHT!

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If you are like me, you are always looking for a good pair of sunglasses! I constantly buy new sunglasses, only to have them break within days. Well, you need to checkout the Sunglasses that Optics Planet has!

I personally love Aviator Sunglasses, so that is what I looked for, but they have many other styles that are sure to fit your style. They have Shooting Goggles, polarized sunglasses, sun glasses with interchangeable lenses, designer sunglasses, saftey glasses, Goggles, Photochromic Sunglasses, Tennis Sunglasses, Motorcycle Sunglasses, Golf Sunglasses, and even shooting glasses!

I can't even begin to touch on all of the different styles of glasses that www.opticsplanet.net has to offer! You have to go there today! And, don't forget to checkout their Binoculars, Telescopes, radar guns, flashlights too!

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Friday, March 9, 2007

1 more day!

until josh's parents and brother come to visit! they fly in tomorrow around 4pm. We have a lot of things planned for them while they are here. I know have written about this some already, but i am so excited for tomorrow to be here!

after my grandpa got sick we didnt think we were going to be able to have them come and visit, but now that he is doing better they were able to get their plane tickets back and will be on there way soon!!!!!

Tata Indicom.. If you haven't heard, now is the time!!

I do not currently live in India, but if I did, I would definitely look into getting service from Tata Indicom!

Tata Indicom is one of the largest telecom companies in India! Not only are they one of the largest telecom companies in India, but they also so many services to their customers. They have telephone services, landlines, cdma, broadband services, and many other services. You can not go wrong by checking Tata Indicom out to see how they can help you!

If you are a Tata Indicom user, you will have access to their broadband forum which provides a platform for all Tata Indicom users to discuss anything Tata Indicom related!

Check out Tata Indicom today!

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Well I just got home from work and it is spring break... i know i am not in college any more but it is still fun to celebrate spring break since we still live in the residence halls..haha... All of the students have been leaving in loads the last 2 days and today is josh's last day of work until the 19th!!! Can't wait for 5pm to roll around and have josh home for the weekend!:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Josh and his staff are playing assassins. I dont know if you are familiar with this game, but each person playing gets the name of another player whom they have to "kill". to kill someone they simply place their hand on their targets shoulder and say a magic word. the person that dies then gives their killer their targets name and that is the new target for the killer... the last person standing wins...

it sounds complicated but it really isnt and the staff love it! they get way into it and josh is parnoid the whole time they play. last semester it lasted over a month. they are a couple weeks into it this semester and they are always looking over their shoulders..haha...

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Josh's Family coming down!

It's getting close to Josh's family coming down!!! We are really excited about them coming. The downside is that Grandpa is really sick and we may end up having to fly back to Iowa which would leave Josh's family down here and us in Iowa. We are just praying for Grandpa's health and know that God is in control of the situation.
Please be praying for our family and Grandpa Ellson during this time.

Great Site!

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It is Gorgeous out!!!!

Wow, today is amazing! I can't wait to get out of work so I can go home and have a picnic outside with Josh... Whenever we do move back to Iowa, I sure will miss this weather..lol.. Well, back to watching the baby... he is soooo cute!

Monday, March 5, 2007

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Josh is back!!!

So, Josh was gone at a conference last week and it was horrible to be without him! I couldnt sleep and felt like I had nothing to do...lol... I got to talk to him on the phone a lot, but it just wasn't the same. I am so glad we found each other!

This weekend Josh's family is flying down to stay with us, so that will be great! Jake is coming and he hasnt ever been here so we gotta do some cleaning to make a good first impression:)