Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vacation Time

Last week we went on vacation to be apart of a wedding. It was so much fun and we loved that everyone looked at us and how many kids we had.. They all just stared and we loved every minute of it! We are so proud of our family and love to show them off! haha.. We get to go on another mini vacation this weekend and next week which will be a lot of fun too!


There are so many options out there for tablets! Our office recently went through this whole process and it was daunting. There are pluses and negatives to all of the options. Do you want windows or are you an apple business? What type of touch screen do you want? What size do you prefer? So many questions and I am not sure you can really go wrong. The black berry tabletis one nice option that you should look into. There are iPads, Slates, Kindles, etc. You name it and it is on the market now. Do your research! 


Our quest to adopt is an anxious one! So many unknowns and court dates and crazieness. We pray a lot and know God is leading. But it doesn't make it easier most days. We know we are doing the right thing but it is so up and down. We are greatful for supportive family and friends!!!!

Handy Man

I wouldn't say that I am a handy man yet but I am definitely getting better about being able to do some of my own home improvement and property management activities and projects. I even know what a hydraulic hose is without having to look it up. I have been able to do many projects over the course of the last 2 years and look forward to many more. It is very satisfying to complete a project and know you did it without having to pay an arm and a leg to get it done. You appreciate the work and your property a lot more!

Busy Time of Year

Work is crazy this time of year! We have walk in appointments and they are back to back all day long. We get so many different types of questions but I'm not going to complain because it makes the day go by fast and I get to meet a lot of people I wouldn't normally get to meet if it weren't for the set up we have each August.

Payments Professionals

There are so many resources for different professionals out there. There are organizations and websites to help train and develop people in almost any area of work. Payment Professionals are no different. There are many great resources for these folks. ACH Origination from The Payments Authority are here to help those of you in this area! Don't look any further. Start becoming the professional you want to be today!