Thursday, May 13, 2010

Supper Funny Video!

One of my co-workers showed me a really funny video today. It was the background music of a really popular song, but they had changed the words to be all about how wrinkly they are. It talked about loving your wringkles and how it shows you are "grown." It said if you don't like them, you should put wrinkle lotion on them. I wish I could remember the whole song. It was really funny and had me rolling around at work! What a nice break for a few minutes! Made my day!

Over the Hedge

What a cute movie! Emry and I went to look at the movies we have and he pointed out "over the hedge." We just got done watching the part about how much food humans eat and how "enough is never enough" for us. How true is that! We are always eating and snacking! But then we complain about why we are over weight and sit around reading fat burner reviews and looking at different diets to try. Of course we would do that instead of actually eating better!