Friday, December 31, 2010

Cabin furniture

My mom's aunt and Uncle have a cabin. They love to go up there and do some hunting. When they were younger they would go out looking for deer. They found when shinning there the headlights out towards a wooded area they could see the deer frozen where they stood. It's true what they say about a deer in the headlights. They may be looking to update with some new cabin furniture. That would be great!

Sports trophies

When I was younger I remember being quite involved in sports. I had sports trophies for swimming, running and basketball. It was a lot of fun and also had it's social benefits. I would encourage my children to do the same. It brings about great discipline and helps with organizing ones time.


Around the Holidays it can be difficult to juggle all the activities before us. No only that, but the weather can play a factor as well. Lately it has been the snow. We have had a rise in temp and now are dealing with the fog. I sure wish we could see some sunshine.

Stocking stuffers for the family beauty fanatic

Guest post written by Janie Edgers

I decided that this year I would have all of my Christmas planning done before my daughter got home from her fall semester at college. I thought that way we could have more time to spend together instead of me being super busy with all kinds of Christmas preparations and not getting to enjoy her being at home with me. But there was one thing that I put off buying because I always hate doing it, stocking stuffers.

I thought that I would get my daughter to help me pick out everyone else's stocking stuffers, but I wanted to surprise her with hers still. So I went online with our Direct tv internet bundle to try and get some good ideas about what to get her.

I found some really great ideas for beauty stocking stuffers because she's kind of a beauty product fanatic. I came across a list of top drugstore beauty products and bought a bunch of them for her stocking. I think she'll approve of my selection, considering I barely know my way around a compact.
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Enjoying a Little Christmas Decor

Guest post written by Jason Goodwin

On the way back from taking my wife to a local Miracle Ear Testing Center in New York City, we decided that we were going to brave the cold and go for a nice long walk together. We were heavily bundled up, and we decided that it would be really nice to see all of the holiday decorations and displays while they were still up. In another week or so, all of the fantastic Christmas spectacles will have to start coming down, sadly. We will miss our little winter wonderland! We went around to most of the places you might expect: Herald Sq., Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave., etc. We really enjoyed some time to sightsee and just spend time in conversation. Even though we've been together all these years we still love each other's company.

What really made our walk extra special was our decision to get holiday cookies and gingerbread flavored coffee along the way. We had a simple and lovely experience together, and really got into the Christmas spirit. Afterwards we went home and started to decorate our own apartment and keep the holiday cheer going. It was a very nice weekend and we are really looking forward to Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

This guest post from Lewis Beck

During a season of joy we must remember to stay safe when shopping and traveling during the holiday season as not everyone has joy in their hearts this time of year.

When you leave your home, always lock the doors, make sure the garage door closes and that you set your home alarm. In this age of technology, many cell phone users feel the need to "post" on their social media that they are at work, shopping, a local restaurant, so that everyone knows you are not home. You think they are all your friends, maybe their friends aren't your friends and can see this, perhaps decide to help them selves to your home while you are out shopping.

Another point to consider regarding posting where you are on social media is where you are. If you post that you have been out shopping and now are at a local restaurant eating, your vehicle could be a target of theft as well. Make sure your doros are locked, alarm set from allhomesecurity and packages are secured in the trunk. Is it so important to your friends to know where you are every second of the day? If so, send them a private message, text or email - don't post it for all the social meda world to see! Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!!

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Last Minute Shopping

Where has the time gone. Here it is just days from Christmas. I am taking some time off from work to go shopping with Di and the boys. We have some last minute Christmas shopping to get done. I think the hardest part is deciding what to buy an individual. You want it to be right and for them to love it. I'm sure we'll do fine.

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Buy Gold Bullion

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Little Brother

This past weekend we met my parents, little brother Jake and his girlfriend Renee for a meal. Jake is several years younger, but is not the little brother. He is about a half a foot taller then me and most members of the family. He's a great brother and I'm so blessed to have him close.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Santa Clause, A Great Holiday Comedy

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Christmas movies are an important part of family tradition during the holiday season. Many great Christmas specials can found airing on a variety of stations this Christmas season. It seems like as soon as Thanksgiving is over and done with; Christmas specials start airing and holiday jingles fill the air.

Part of Christmas tradition for my family, includes watching numerous family Christmas specials also. There are a lot of great holiday specials and with our new Satalite TV Programming, we have discovered that we can find a new movie to watch every night. The kids love the animated specials but also love the non-animated ones too! This is great because The Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen is our favorite non-animated Christmas Special of all time!

A King of Comedy, Tim Allen has been a favorite comedian of ours, ever since he starred on the television series, Tool Time. He does a great job playing Santa and continues to make our family laugh throughout the holidays with all of The Santa Clause movies.

The Santa Clause is a great movie to watch with the family, especially if your kids have two different sets of parents to spend the holidays with. This movie is my favorite because it deals with a lot of different morals and includes coping with divorce and keeping secrets from eachother. If you want a great movie to watch with the kids, watch The Santa Clause. Not only is it funny, but it teaches many important life lessons.

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New Car

With moving onto the farm we found that it might be a good idea to have a second vehicle. It would also be nice to have a four wheel drive. So we started to search for one. We came across a really nice older suburban. It was just what we needed. It's awesome to have!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Best Gifts For Mom

Di and I are trying to get our Christmas shopping done. We're not doing to bad on it all. There are so many details. I'm glad Di is good at all of this! We were thinking on what might be the best gifts for mom. So often she will purchase something if she is in need of it, so it makes it more difficult. I think we have come up with an idea. It should work out.

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Jake and Renee

We got together with Jake, Renee and my parents over the weekend. They were celebrating Christmas early because Jake and Renee are heading to Colorado for a week or so. Renee's family lives there. It was fun to see them all!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Is A Longhorns Fan Supposed To Do Now?

The article written by Victor Flowers

You might not remember this, but prior to the season, most people were predicting an Ohio State vs. Texas national title game. The Ohio State part of that prediction isnt looking too bad, but Texas was way off. Trust me, I know, Im a Longhorn fan. And let me tell you something, Im very, very angry. Why am I angry? Well, for one, were obviously not going to the national title game. Another reason Im angry is because were not even ranked anymore. A third reason Im angry is because I have been betting on my team all year and getting crushed. And a fourth reason Im angry is because we lost to Texas A & M, which is the most painful loss of them all. Now I have to listen to A & M fans rub it in for at least a year.

I now understand that you can get away with injuries and departures on your team, but if that injury or departure happens to be the QB, youre toast. Colt McCoy really is that good. When he was in there, we had a chance against anyone. But he decided to go play for the Cleveland Browns. This is understandable considering thats his home town, but he sure did break a lot of hearts here in Texas. I know the Longhorns wont be playing in any big games this winter, but A & M might. So when they do play, I will be watching on my Satalite deals. If they lose, I will have at least a lit bit of satisfaction for this season.

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Just singing in the tub!

Kids are so much fun. Emry loves to sing and Israel loves to listen! It looks like Israel is going to take the next line! What sweeties they are!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Black Friday Saves The Week

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

Our family is a sucker for a Black Friday holiday adventure. We love the outing so much that we're always up even before the beginning of the sales. We talk around the kitchen table about our shopping lists, the things we hope to buy for extended family. We don't discuss what we plan to buy for each other though, which would ruin Christmas entirely.

As we head out the door to one of the many stores we've selected as our shopping centers, we feel that we're doing something great together as a family, that we're keeping the spirit of Christmas alive by being together and cooperating in our shopping adventures. One of the best things about the trip is that when we get home, we always have a big round of cocoa and plenty of Christmas shows and music to look forward to on our satellite TV from

It's a great season to get closer to family and shopping is a big part of what makes it great. It's not the amount of money spent that matters, but the amount of thought that goes into making each gift something that the receiver will remember forever. It's cliche but buying from the heart is what we really concentrate on during this wonderfully festive, and warm, season that comes but once a year. It's the specialness of the season that matters.

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My Kids!

My kids have so much fun together! I love the pictures my wife Diana captures of them! They were having a good time riding in a couple of their riding toys. Sometimes I like to just sit and watch what they are doing. :)


Skiing at Stowe Mountain

Author: Elias Massey

One of my favorite winter activities is skiing. Unfortunately, my husband does not enjoy this cold weather sport as much as I do. So, my sister and I started taking a week-long trip each winter to a different ski area. Since we started this tradition, our favorite place to ski has been in the state of Vermont. Located in the northern area of the state, the Stowe Mountain Resort offers a relaxed atmosphere coupled with some of the best slopes the east coast has to offer.

The Stowe Mountain Resort has an innovative trail map online that allows you to plan which courses you want to ski according to your personal skiing level. My sister and I used the feature on the resort's website, so we knew exactly which courses to ski before we even arrived. My husband always goes on a fishing trip during our ski week, but he agrees to help us pack our car. I still take care of the normal household duties before leaving on our ski trip, like setting the home security alarm (ADT Memphis home systems) and turning off the heat. For this year's trip, we are planning to return to the Stowe Mountain Resort. I anticipate another amazing ski week.

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Twin Sis

This is my twin sister and her family. It's so nice to now live close enough that we can see each other more often. Our children have the best time together. They are each just days apart. Such fun!


Friday, December 10, 2010

weight-loss affiliate program

Isn't the the Christmas Season amazing? There is so much activity going on and so much great food. Often as the new year approaches we hear chatter about checking into a weight-loss affiliate program or some kind of dieting. Many end up gaining several pounds during this time. I know I'm going to enjoy all of the wonderful foods available to me.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Prom Dresses

Growing up we had a lot of fun! I have a little brother and a twin sister. There was a year when all three of us went to prom. I would guess that was quite interesting for my mother. :) She was busy ordering tuxes and looking at prom dresses. It all turned out and we had a wonderful time! Great picture moment also!


Recently we were visiting my folks over the Thanksgiving holiday. We took Wall.E our dog along. He found himself right at home under their Christmas tree. It was so cute. I just wanted to make sure he didn't think it was real. Yikes!



This guest post from Doris Dillon

After all these years, my favorite action movie is still Braveheart. Never mind the fact that Mel Gibson has since shown himself to be a douche of epic proportions. This movie is one of the best of all time.

Set in the 13th century, the tale follows a Scottish farmer turned knight named William Wallace. Wallace leads a revolt against the magistrate and his goons after they execute Wallace's wife. He then begins uniting villagers in a commoner's revolt against the English lords that control Scotland. I guess the English lords must not have had very good soldiers.

Anyway, Wallace draws the ire of the English king, Edward. He bribes two Scottish nobles who abandon Wallace and his comrades in battle, nearly costing Wallace his life. He goes into hiding for over 7 years. During this time he is shown brutally slaying the two nobles as well as establishing a romantic relationship with Princess Isabelle of France who is married to King Edward's son, Edward II, Prince of Wales. Wallace eventually tries to once more get the nobility to join him to rise against the English, but is betrayed again. 9 years later, Robert the Bruce, guilt ridden over his betrayal of Wallace leads a united Scotland to their freedom. Epic. Braveheart is definitely one of those movies I can watch over and over again on SataliteTV.

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Hu Hot!

My mom and dad went shopping down in Des Moines the other day. They ate lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, the Hu Hot! My family and I love the Hu Hot as well. What a great place to eat. This is my mom enjoying her feast!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taylor Kitsch, My Favorite TV Star

Post contributed by Toni Jensen

My favorite TV actor is Taylor Kitsch. He plays Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights. FNL is definitely my favorite show on TV, and it has been for quite some time. I watch it on my DirectTV special deals. Almost all of the actors on FNL are extraordinary, but Kitsch caught my eye in the very first episode. Not only does play the part of a bad boy, but he looks the part as well. With his strong, broad-backed physique, he looks like a ball player. He also has the greasy-haired, blue-jeaned look of a rural, working class tough guy, which is exactly what he is.

We Kitsch fans haven't seen much of Taylor so far this season. He's only appeared in one of the first four episodes of season five. His character was incarcerated last season for helping his brother operate a chop shop. I read online that he will show up again later this season. Hopefully he will be released from prison and pick up where things left off with Becky. I want the best for these two characters, and I don't want them to be kept apart for the entire season. I wish the show could be renewed for a season six, but there's pretty much zero chance of that happening.

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Christmas in our new house!

Awesome! We got our first real christmas tree! We have always had this little ratty one since we had such small apartments. It is great to be able to buy a real one and put it up! Soooo beautiful!!!! I can't express how thankful we are to have our very first home! One that we will hopefully stay in until we are olddddddd. One that our kids can grow up in and a property that has soo much room for them to play and be boys! :) Thank you Lord!!!

The Steam Team of Texas

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If you are wondering about hours, they are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and is known as an Austin Original. They seem to have a good reputation and would be someone to look into, should one need their type of services. They have a FAQ section and easy to access special offers for their customers. Seems worth looking into!

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