Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

This guest post from Lewis Beck

During a season of joy we must remember to stay safe when shopping and traveling during the holiday season as not everyone has joy in their hearts this time of year.

When you leave your home, always lock the doors, make sure the garage door closes and that you set your home alarm. In this age of technology, many cell phone users feel the need to "post" on their social media that they are at work, shopping, a local restaurant, so that everyone knows you are not home. You think they are all your friends, maybe their friends aren't your friends and can see this, perhaps decide to help them selves to your home while you are out shopping.

Another point to consider regarding posting where you are on social media is where you are. If you post that you have been out shopping and now are at a local restaurant eating, your vehicle could be a target of theft as well. Make sure your doros are locked, alarm set from allhomesecurity and packages are secured in the trunk. Is it so important to your friends to know where you are every second of the day? If so, send them a private message, text or email - don't post it for all the social meda world to see! Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!!

"I have been paid for this guest post."


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