Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Santa Clause, A Great Holiday Comedy

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Christmas movies are an important part of family tradition during the holiday season. Many great Christmas specials can found airing on a variety of stations this Christmas season. It seems like as soon as Thanksgiving is over and done with; Christmas specials start airing and holiday jingles fill the air.

Part of Christmas tradition for my family, includes watching numerous family Christmas specials also. There are a lot of great holiday specials and with our new Satalite TV Programming, we have discovered that we can find a new movie to watch every night. The kids love the animated specials but also love the non-animated ones too! This is great because The Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen is our favorite non-animated Christmas Special of all time!

A King of Comedy, Tim Allen has been a favorite comedian of ours, ever since he starred on the television series, Tool Time. He does a great job playing Santa and continues to make our family laugh throughout the holidays with all of The Santa Clause movies.

The Santa Clause is a great movie to watch with the family, especially if your kids have two different sets of parents to spend the holidays with. This movie is my favorite because it deals with a lot of different morals and includes coping with divorce and keeping secrets from eachother. If you want a great movie to watch with the kids, watch The Santa Clause. Not only is it funny, but it teaches many important life lessons.

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