Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What Is A Longhorns Fan Supposed To Do Now?

The article written by Victor Flowers

You might not remember this, but prior to the season, most people were predicting an Ohio State vs. Texas national title game. The Ohio State part of that prediction isnt looking too bad, but Texas was way off. Trust me, I know, Im a Longhorn fan. And let me tell you something, Im very, very angry. Why am I angry? Well, for one, were obviously not going to the national title game. Another reason Im angry is because were not even ranked anymore. A third reason Im angry is because I have been betting on my team all year and getting crushed. And a fourth reason Im angry is because we lost to Texas A & M, which is the most painful loss of them all. Now I have to listen to A & M fans rub it in for at least a year.

I now understand that you can get away with injuries and departures on your team, but if that injury or departure happens to be the QB, youre toast. Colt McCoy really is that good. When he was in there, we had a chance against anyone. But he decided to go play for the Cleveland Browns. This is understandable considering thats his home town, but he sure did break a lot of hearts here in Texas. I know the Longhorns wont be playing in any big games this winter, but A & M might. So when they do play, I will be watching on my Satalite deals. If they lose, I will have at least a lit bit of satisfaction for this season.

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