Friday, December 31, 2010

Stocking stuffers for the family beauty fanatic

Guest post written by Janie Edgers

I decided that this year I would have all of my Christmas planning done before my daughter got home from her fall semester at college. I thought that way we could have more time to spend together instead of me being super busy with all kinds of Christmas preparations and not getting to enjoy her being at home with me. But there was one thing that I put off buying because I always hate doing it, stocking stuffers.

I thought that I would get my daughter to help me pick out everyone else's stocking stuffers, but I wanted to surprise her with hers still. So I went online with our Direct tv internet bundle to try and get some good ideas about what to get her.

I found some really great ideas for beauty stocking stuffers because she's kind of a beauty product fanatic. I came across a list of top drugstore beauty products and bought a bunch of them for her stocking. I think she'll approve of my selection, considering I barely know my way around a compact.
"I was paid for this guest post."


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