Friday, April 1, 2011


Today we are having the in-laws over to help do some projects around our property! Planting trees, putting together our fire pit, making the garden beds. All kinds of neat things!!! Hopefully we will even find time to pull out the swing set and put it together. Our oldest son is talking about it all the time!!!! Fun day!

How Times Change

I remember when all I would do with my free time is play basketball and play video games. I loved it at the time but see how much more fun I have, now that I am married and have kids of my own. There are times that I see a really cool new a ps3 game or something, but for the most part I don't even think about playing video games. I would much rather go outside and play with my boys than to be stuck in front of the TV. I guess it is a priority switch, which was definitely for the better!


We have decided that our first project is to put in a fire pit on our property. We are going with brick and nothing very fancy. I don't want one of the propane fire pits because of our kids. A few years ago I was on a work retreat and we needed to start a fire in the fire pit. It was a gas fire pit and it was hard to figure out. So, we turned the gas on and were trying to get it started. It took a very long time and finally we shut it off. Then another co-worker said they could figure it out and turned it back on. The problem is that the entire air was filled with gas. The guy put his face down in the pit and light a match and BOOM! He didn't get hurt which I will never understand (definitely a God thing!) but it sure scared everyone!

Reality TV

As with many people, we love reality TV. We try not to watch trashy shows but some of the reality TV is quite good and addicting. I remember we would watch, when we had cable, the show where someone is addicted to drugs and the rest of the family/friends would try to confront them about going to some sort of treatment center to have oxycontin detox or something like that. We found it interesting but also wondered how that would help the person by being on national TV.

What people will think of..

I am always amazed at the products that people come up with! Everyone fell in love with the pillow pet. Of course there was that blanket that had arm holes so you could wear it.. I forget the name. I also saw that you can now buy body stockings. Not even sure what that would be, but sure is creative and I am sure there is a huge market for them!I love looking at Targets section that they have devoted to "seen on TV" items. All the things you get hooked into wanting when you watch late night infomercials! ha

Charity Tournament tomorrow!

Our office is having a team in the charity basketball tournament, on campus, tomorrow. We are all very excited and I think we may even get a long sleeve promotional tee shirt with logo for particpating in the event. Not sure but that is what I heard. Either way, it is for a great cause and am really excited about it! We probably won't win a game, but that isn't the point. It will hopefully raise a lot of money for their charity and we will just have fun with it!

House Hunting....

When we were house hunting, the hardest part was working with real estate companies and trying to learn what everything meant. Do we go with Campbell real estate, Table Rock real estate, Principle real estate, etc. Or, does it even matter who we buy from or trust? We got lucky and had a great realtor that helped us through the whole process, but it was still confusing. We love where we ended up and are excited to start all the projects we have lined up for this coming summer!