Monday, June 11, 2012


I love to have a warm bath and feel relaxed! I have had a headache the past few days and it would be great to have Cleopatras Choice black soap and just relax in the tub! Instead, I will be heading back to work after lunch and have to just pretend I am getting to relax! Oh how I would rather be going home instead of back to work!

My first website

I remember when I built my first website about 13 years ago. They were basically just templates that you dopped pictures into. Now they have so many resources to help you build really nice sites that look very professional. With all this website builder software available, you can't tell the difference between a site that spent millions and someone who is making a site from their home. How far we have come!!

Random Thoughts

Pregnancy is such a weird thing. To think we make little humans that become adults. We have been in the adoption process for 2 years and know there is a great need! many people do it because they want to help those in need. Some do it because they can't have their own kids and maybe have looked into some sort of testosterone issues, click here to read customer reviews. I just hope we are able to help some kids that need a loving home and that we can raise them the right way!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day

It was a beautiful Memorial Day!  I loved this picture my mom took at a memorial service that morning.  My Grandpa's name was read that morning.  He passed away last fall.  We miss you grandpa.

Logic Controls

Boy, technology has sure come a long ways.  There is so much out there today.  The new logic controls offering keyboards that are programable.  I've never seen such a thing.  I don't do too bad with keeping up with all of the changes.  I find it very interesting.  

LED Lights

My parents moved after 20 years of living in the same small town.  They purchased a new home and found it was filled with led lights.  It was nice that they didn't have to go out and buy them, but had them furnished for them.  They seem to be enjoying their new surroundings. 

Guitar Effects

Growing up we often heard music in the house.  As we three kids got older we all played some type of instrument.  My brother enjoyed the Guitar Effects.  He actually taught himself to play.  As he got older he purchased several of them and still has them today.  


We love to watch the birds.  Recently my parents found this tiny little bird laying dead in their garage.  They weren't really sure what had happen to him.  Isn't he pretty.  He was very colorful!

Large Bean Bags

When we were young, my mom often found neat things for us.  Once she saw these large bean bags.  They looked like they would be quite comfortable.  We thought they might be nice down in our family room.  For some reason she never bought them.  Hum.....

Wedding gifts for the groom!

With my brother getting married in a week, I've been thinking about wedding gifts for the groom!  I would like to make it something special.  The bride to be bought him a beautiful watch.  He seemed thrilled to receive it.  I guess I would too.

SUV bike racks

My uncle and his family use to have an suv.  Their family enjoyed bike riding so they looked into suv bike racks.  Then where ever they went, they could haul a bike or two with them.  It is good exercise.  I might have to look into doing the same.

Church Chairs

We grew up in a Baptist church.  We had a nice size sanctuary held 250 to 300 people.  They would add church chairs if we had a special service where there were more people expected.  They have since grown and built on and are holding two services.  Wow!


My brother is getting married in a week.  My son Emry is to be in the wedding.  We found the cutest hat for him to wear!  We also bought some suspenders.  I think he will look pretty sharp in them.  I just hope he will walk down the isle.