Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Lounging

I wanted to share some of the cutest photos we have gotten over the past day. The boys are obsessed with their presents and seeing their cousins!

It's that time of year

It is getting to be that time of year. The time when you definitely want to wear warm clothes in Iowa. I can't believe we don't have snow yet but it is definitely cold. Around this time of year we start to see all the ugg boots come out of the closets. I don't know much about them but they are sure popular and everyone seems to rave about how warm and well made they are. I am going to have to research them more and think about getting some as gifts!

Late Christmas Shopping

If you are like us, there are usually a few presents we forget to get by the time Christmas rolls around. So, it is great that some companies have already released coupons, like bath & body works coupons 2012. I am bound to find other stores that are doing similar things and offering great deals for the new year. We do love shopping at Bath & Body Works and use many of their products to help our house smell amazing! Since I am off of work for 2 more weeks, I hope we can get some more shopping done!

Shopping issues

It is so hard to shop for your kids when they are oddly shaped! For example, our oldest son has small but very wide feet! It is nearly impossible to find shoes that fit him! We have found some wide shoes that fit him really well but it is not very often that we hit the jack pot like that. At least he is really small for his age and we don't have to shop for new ones many times each year. It is almost like a challenge each time we got out shopping for him.

Beauty Care

There are so many different companies selling so many different beauty products! How does one navigate everything there is to offer out there and then make the right choice? How can you even be an informed consumer? I find it difficult but recently we did find some of the best eyelash growth products we have seen. We read about options and were actually impressed. I would recommend others look into products and see what they think!


So relaxing to have 12 days off of work! We get to spend time with family and celebrate the true meaning of this wonderful season! Christ being born! How awesome! We are loving this so much! Today we get to sit around with family again and eat wonderful food! I love watching the kids run around with each other!!


We have been updating our house furniture, carpet and some paint. We got our kids room done and will be working on other rooms next. It makes our home more exciting and feels like new again. We got new bunk beds for the boys room and have looked at cute rustic bedding for their blankets and stuff. I can't wait until it's all done and we can enjoy it all. It is a lot of work but it is a lot of fun!!!

Job Search

I work with so many students who have no idea what they want to do after college. I also work with others that do have an idea but don't want to stay in school so long, can't afford it, or just have trouble finding a good job. I have seemed to be seeing more and more students interested in the medical fields. I hear there are Physician Assistant Jobs out there if you look carefully and have the correct schooling. I definitely help students find these careers and start on the correct path.

Awesome gift!

I got a lot of great gifts yesterday but the sweetest present I got was a watch. Kind of like one of those bulova watches. It is so nice and was very reasonable (or so my mom told me). I am really excited to have such an awesome present! I can wear it for casual or for work.. or even church! It's awesome looking!!!! I will have to post a photo of it after I finally get around to it!


I LOVE Christmas! We are having soooo much fun hanging out with our family and the kids love spending time with their cousins!!!


Birthdays and other holidays all fall around the same time for our family. It is an exciting and expensive time for our family. I try to find things like coupons from proflowers or other helpful resources to help hold down the cost of all the gifts we need to buy. It is a lot of fun to buy for people but unfortunately, it does take money to do so. I am thankful for companies that have such awesome deals to help us out!

Laptop troubles

So, my brother was recently the victim of internet fraud. He sold a computer online and delivered the item. The person sent the money but then took it back somehow. Instantly lost one thousand dollars. Ouch. I am looking at reconditioned laptops and really hope I don't run into similar issues. I figure if I get it from a really well respected place then I should be okay. I can't wait to get a new computer! Mine is getting so old and freezing a lot!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hosptials have changed!

Thankfully, I don't find myself in hospitals very often. But, when we were recently forced to go due to one of our children having strep-throat, I was amazed at all of the technology and efficient things they use now. They have their computers on little stands that can be rolled around the hospital, Howard Medical medicine carts and a bunch of other really neat things. There is a lot about our medical practices that I don't like, but all of these cool gadgets were really cool and I can imagine they help with efficiency a lot!