Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another give away!

Yet another great give away at Mom's Balancing Act! Thank you to CSN Stores!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Favre a Viking?....still weird to see!

Well, I think I am warming up to the idea of having Favre on the Vikings team! Some of my friends are upset that the Vikings signed him since he played for the Packers. I am a Vikings fan and the most important thing is that the Vikings win! If that means it takes Favre to help us win, then so be it!

We are paying Favre 12 million bucks a year.. so he better produce! Well, yesterday he already proved his worth, winning the game on the last play of the game!

Make sure you are covered!

We have had some unlucky times and some lucky times... what do I mean by that? Well, our unluckiness is that we have gotten in a couple accidents lately.. the good news is that we have roadside assistance which was very useful! Whenever we have had an accident or our car has had issues, it has come in very useful! If you aren't covered, you should change that by looking into getting roadside assistance!


I would love to get an iPhone! My brother has one and is always showing me new stuff he has added. The iphone accessories he has are amazing. He also makes applications and makes money that way too. How awesome would it be to have the coolest phone, the coolest accessories, and make money using it!

Time for a new...

Computer!!! I have been looking at all different kinds of laptop computer brands and it can be so hard to decide on one. Do you go with HP, Compaq, Dell, Apple...? I would love any advice you may have on what I should look at getting. There are some great deals to be had, but I don't want to get a computer that will break after a year.

Time for a vacation!

Now that school is over and I have settled into my new position, we are starting to think about family vacations. We have thought about cruises but don't think that would be best with a youngster. We heard that Orlando vacations can be found at really reasonable prices and are always a ton of fun. We will keep looking but it looks like we have found our destination.

Watching your health

Watching my weight and making sure I eat smarter is very important, but what other things can I do? Well, this is exactly what I was asking myself and so I started asking around. One of my friends told me about colon cleansers and how getting your colon cleansed is a really smart thing to do. The more I ask, the more I am hearing the same thing.

Decorating my office!

When I got into my new office, it was totally bare for 2 weeks. It would still be bare if it wasn't for Diana and her decorating ability. She painted, made curtains, bought office furniture, and a ton more! Now everyone that comes to my office asks me where I got all the stuff and compliments me on how nice it looks.

Time to work out!

So, I am starting to realize that it would benefit me to begin working out. One thing we are trying to do is eat smarter. UNI has great dining centers and a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, so it is pretty easy to eat food that is good for us. It will definitely help us lose belly fat. Of course, it can't just be eating smarter, sometimes it is wise to look at diets, working out, etc. We'll see how it goes! Ask me in a month :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Today's technology!

One thing that we discovered, while living in Texas, was all of the technologies there are to keep us connected with friends and family even though we lived so far away. We loved using different chat options that we found to keep us connected. Well, I found another live chat software that seems really inovative. I am going to suggest it to family and friends and see how it works. It even comes with a 30 day free trial, so how can you go wrong?

Football season

I can't say how excited and torn I am to have Brett Favre on the Vikings team. I have grown up despising Favre and now I am cheering for him... I feel like a traitor... But then I remember.. I am a Vikings fan so whatever helps the team win, I am all for it! If that means Favre can help us win it all, then I can handle it... Basically I am saying.... GO FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!

Protecting the home!

So, as most of you know, we do not yet have our own home but would LOVE one in the future. We are blessed to be given an apartment as part of my job and it gives us the opportunity to have Di stay home with the kids. That doesn't stop us from looking at homes and things that we will want when we do buy our first home. The first thing we will look into is home alarm systems. The safety of our family is our first priority and I don't think you can go wrong with systems like these! Can't wait until we can purchase one because that means we will be in our new home!


I am thinking about going golfing tomorrow with Jake. I am not that good yet but I will keep practicing. It is a really relaxing sport and it is great to spend time with family. With Diana and Emry gone, this is a great time to spend some free time with Jake. He will probably whoop my butt tomorrow, but oh well.. it will be fun anyways :)


With Diana gone, I have had some time to dream about electronics..haha.. I took the time to look at new plasma tvs just for fun and man does it make me want to go buy one! You can find some great deals on them now and what an addition it would make to our home. Not to mention it is just in time for football season to start! These tvs are amazing, you just can't go wrong!

New Job

So, I have been in my new job since July 20th and I can't believe how much I am LOVING it!!!! The people I work with are amazing and I feel like I am getting a bunch of really great experiences that I haven't before. It also helps that I am working for my Alma-mater and I LOVE UNI!!!! I am excited to get up and go to work each morning, which is a great feeling to have! We have been so blessed and I never want to take it for granted!

Needing to get in shape!

So, I have begun to eat better after looking at UNI's dining center website and learning more about how to eat healthy. I am starting to follow some of their suggestions and now I just need to work out some more. I have also thought about weight loss pills and wondering if that would be an appropriate route for me or not. In my case, it probably wouldn't be the best option, but for others it is perfect! Any tips on the issue?

Almost 5pm..

It is Friday afternoon and I am not yet sure what I will do tonight. I was thinking about watching a movie with my staff, which is probably what I will end up doing. The staff is awesome! They have been working so hard and I rarely ever hear a complaint! What a great group of RAs!!!!! It is also nice that they invite me to do things with them when they know Diana and Emry are gone. :)

In need of new footware

Wow, I didn't realize how badly I needed new footware until recently. I have a lot of shoes, but they are either work related or in really bad shape. I was looking at Dansko and think I am going to look into them further. It seems like I can get exactly what I am looking for. I know Diana will love their shoes too. Not to mention they are super reasonably priced!

What to do?

It just isn't the same without the family around. Di and Emry went to Colorado for the week to be with family. Di's cousin is getting married and they left last Sunday. I am thankful to have a close friend and brother living in the area. If I didn't, I don't know what I would do after I have become so used to having them around that I am lost without them! Miss you both!!