Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wishing Hard!!

Recently we met my family at a Build-A-Bear store. My nephew Kaden was having a celebration!  He was going to make his boppy monkey.  He was done with his pacifiers.  Yeah for Kaden!!  Here is Israel, Emry and Kaelyn making a wish before putting their hearts into there stuffed animal.  So cute!
Also a picture of those who took part and made an animal also.

Outdoor Water Fountains

Since moving onto our farm, we have done a lot of work inside and out.  My wife has a beautiful flower garden and we are always looking for new and different additions to that.  There are wonderful outdoor water fountains.  That may be something that would go well out there.  We recently added a small house, benches and new stone planters.  It's coming along.  

Patio Swings

My parents have a patio.  Its fun to grill out there and enjoy the patio swings.  When the wind blows to hard it does blow over the one swing.  They are on the edge of town so it can get quite windy out there.  The grandchildren enjoy swinging also!

Bathroom lights

We picked out some unique type bathroom lights when redoing our downstairs bathroom.  My wife has a nautical feel in there and they went perfectly.  She is so creative!  She also took a picture of our oldest son and had it blown up and made into a black and white photo.  Then framed it.  It looks awesome in the room.

Dressing Table Stool

My wife loves to decorate and personalize our home.  She is very talented and does such an awesome job with it.  She can find the neatest things.  There are even dressing tables with a  dressing table stool.  You don't see those everyday.  I like what she comes up with in our home.


My son Emry and I enjoy going out to pick up the eggs in the morning. We find that they can be different in color.  He sure gets excited to feel the warm eggs in his hands.  We had one chicken that decided she would lay on several for a few days and then they hatched.  The chicks are so cute!

Casablanca ceiling fan

In moving and purchasing our first home, it has been fun to set up and decorate it.  There is a variety of choices out there for most anything you're looking for.  Checking out fans I even saw a casablanca ceiling fan.  So what ever your interest, you can find it!

Log Furniture

Living on a farm has really change the way we do things.  We love having many cats and also our chickens.  My wife has a beautiful flower garden that I think would look great with some log furniture.  Its awesome to sit out there and enjoy the beauty. 

Diamond Earrings for men

When I was in High School I decided to wear earrings. Through out college and even into my adult years I continued to wear them.  They have great Diamond Earrings for men.  Even though I no longer wear them, it is popular amongst many.

More Information

With technology today it is easier then ever to find more information on just about any topic you're interested in.  When looking at supplements I found it to be very helpful and a quick resource to hop on the computer and surf.  I sure appreciate my computer.  

Steel Building Clearance

When living in town you find that you have to be much more careful about permits, clearances etc....  In the country it's much easier to find a steel building clearance.  On our property we have many buildings.  One is a huge steel building.  They call it a pole building.  It sure comes in handy.

Youth Soccer Trophies

When I was young I enjoyed playing in sports.  It was fun to win and a challenge when were weren't.  I thought the different types of trophies like youth soccer trophies, track trophies and others were fun to have.  I earned a few.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Losing for the Big Day!

So, I got my outfit for my Brother's wedding and it is a bit snugg. I am going to have to lose some weight in order to fit into it. I have been meaning to get more active anyways, eat healthier, and even thought about diet pills (probably not but worth looking into). I saw there was a apidextra review and should probably read others as well. We'll see what ends up happening but I know for sure I have to lose at least 5-10 pounds in order to fit into my clothes on his Big Day!