Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for new scrubs?

If you need cheap scrubs, then I believe I have found the place for you to go! In looking at many different stores (online and in person), there are few where you will find more helpful than Blue Sky Scrubs. There are so many positions out there that use scrubs and this site is easy to navigate and provide great prices! They pride themselves on their prices.

They carry mens and womens scrubs and it isn't just one style. Don't hesitate to visit them at You can get original or simple styles, in many different colors. In addition to scrubs, you can find accessories like earings and lanyards.

Overall, this looks like a great company to consider next time you are up for some new scrubs!

Fashion's my calling Thanks to Darwin Barton

I’m not really thrilled with my job as an administrative assistant, so I’ve been looking for alternate positions for a while now. I’m really excited about the possibility of a career in fashion, where my true passion lies, though job searching really does take it out of me! I like to look at night when I’m at home so my boss doesn’t find out, and I usually use the wireless internet connection I got from I can take it with me, so sometimes I use my lunch break to job search from a park.

Lately I’ve been sending out lots of emails to designers I’m interested in asking about apprentice positions…I figure they’re the best way to get a foot in the door and also learn about my industry at the same time. I would love something entry level, but a paying position in fashion doesn’t come around too often. It’s too popular! For now, at least, I have a steady income, so there’s no rush, but I dream of the day when I’ll be backstage pulling outfits and dressing models for a big runway show!

*I got paid for this post. The opinions in this post represent those of the guest poster*

Horse Racing

Haven't ever been a huge fan of horse racing, but it is a lot of fun to watch the races even if I don't know anything about the sport. I did watch a few horse racing movies, so I guess I'm now an expert.. ha. I find it so interesting how much time and money goes into the sport, for only a few races a year. And the amount of money spent on betting is just crazy! I am also amazed at how small some of the riders are. The equestrian helmets are pretty sweet though! I don't know if they help them be more arrow dynamic or not. Anyone know?

flash backs of high school

I remember in high school when the football players and wrestlers would all brag about weight lifting and how strong they were. Usually the guys that were all greasy, zitty, and squeaky voices. ha. I think it had to do with all the junk they were putting in their bodies to "bulk up." To tell you the truth, I would rather stay scrawny than get some of those side effects. Of course, some claimed to use the best creatine and other products, but not many. Most were taking random stuff their coaches would suggest... seems weird to me

Projects Projects Projects

We are enjoying our acreage and boy do we have a lot of projects started! We have chickens now, which meant making a chicken coop. That has been a very big, but fun, project! We have made 3 raised garden beds and planted a lot of flowers in our flower garden! Recently we made a fire pit and have used it many times already. SOOO much fun! We have one more area that has a cement slab that we want to turn into a lounge area with an electric grills. It would be complete!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forgot how fun PS3 is!

Well, with a new TV comes taking out the old PS3 for a trial run! Now that we have a HD TV with ps3 hdmi cable capability, I can really experience gaming the way everyone else is now adays! I had gotten so used to fuzzy pictures that I didn't even realize how amazing this would look! Our son is having a blast too! With the weather getting so nice we will just have to make sure we don't spend all our time in front of the TV playing PS3 now!