Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best Buy Ever

Last Christmas we decided to get a Garmin GPS. We used to use mapquest to help us get places and we are pretty good with directions, so we weren't sure it would really come in handy. We have been blown away at how many times we have used it and it is sooo nice. If we make a wrong turn it simply recalculates and gets us to where we need to go. When our car broke down we could use it to look up car repair shops. Even when we get hungry we can use it to find near by restaurants. It has been great!

Our new home

I love our new home. I don't think we realized just how noisy it was living in the Residence Hall until we moved out. Once work it over it is family time for the rest of the night. When we were in the Halls we never really had our own time because someone was always knocking on our door for something. We can get groceries together, go shopping, try new things like the bacon of the month club, and other fun things. It's just our little world and so peaceful here. I love it!