Monday, November 26, 2007

Bathroom Vanities

We have recently moved from a smaller apartment to a larger one. Thank goodness. As our family grows we find that we need more space. We now have a bathroom with a tub and also bathroom vanities are a must. The one we have now is very nice. There is so much more storage space and a real homey feel. I'm sure glad we moved.


It is so awesome being a parent! Our precious little boy, Emry was born almost two weeks ago already. He is so alert and sharp. He's strong and beautiful. There is nothing quite like it. He is such a miracle and we feel very blessed.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Capella University

With life as busy as it is for most, fulfilling a dream to complete ones college education can seem impossible. Now it doesn't matter the job you are holding or how busy you might be, there is hope,. With capella university you now have a choice. They have degree programs for business, information technology, human services, public safety and more. They are all fully online. With 104 graduate and undergraduate specialties and multiple certificate programs you can find just about anything you might be interested in. Capella is dedicated to helping its almost 20,000 students in over the 50 states and 56 different countries, to excel and complete those dreams. Located in Minneapolis they are ready and willing to help you finish that educational goal.


Josh's parents were here for a week. They are from up north. The weather was beautiful while they were here and now today when they left, the weather has changed. I was on the phone with my dad and he was telling me that we were getting snow. He was watching a sports event that was taking place here in Texas. I said, now we're not. Then I looked outside and sure enough huge snowflakes were falling.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Term Life Insurance Quotes

With our family growing we find that it is so important to have life insurance these days. Now with two of our children married and starting their families they will have to check out some term life insurance quotes. A person has to think about his future and that of his family. There are so many types of insurance out there. It is nice to have some guidance.


Josh's parents are here visiting and meeting Emry for the first time. While traveling they thought they might need a navigational system. It is so convenient that they have Verizon and are able to just hook up and instantly they have a navigator tool through their cell phone. They call her Sally and she lead them right to our home. The things they have come up with these days.

New Business Credit Cards

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While Bill and Vicky have been here visiting, we have had some really gorgeous weather. It has pretty much been in the 80's. Today they are saying that the temps are going to drop off into the 40's. That will be a shock for most people around this area. Where we come from, 40's doesn't feel so bad. It will soon be in the teens.


While Josh's parents are here they have been enjoying the exercise room we have here on campus. His dad Bill doesn't seem to want to miss a day. He gets up in the morning and it's the first think he does. I guess that's great that he is so dedicated.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mortgage Lists

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Eating Out

We enjoy living somewhere that we can choose what we want to eat and it is close at hand. We have just about anything you can think of within a short distance away from our home. That's the plus to living in the big city. Do wish at times though that we could be closer to family. That day will come also.

Quiet Morning

Today we have had a quiet and relaxing morning. Emry has been just wonderful. He is sleeping more on a regular schedule which is great. He is so fun to watch whether he is awake or sleeping. People have already mentioned how he will change over the next months and years. I don't really want to hear about that right now because I love having him as a little baby.


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Time Flies

Wow, where did this week go? Emry is now a week old already. He has changed so much in his first week of life. Emry has such cute expressions and is so fun to watch. We haven't taken him out a lot yet but the people that have seen him just love him! We have friends that are really looking forward to seeing him soon. He is such a blessing.

Thanksgiving Meal

We will be having a Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday since Josh's parents are staying with us. We are going to put a ham in the crock pot in the morning and make cheesy potatoes,corn and pumpkin pie for dessert. The potato recipe is very good and easy to make. On Thursday we are planning to have turkey which will be good too.

Baby Store

With just having a baby, we know what it feels like to have questions and concerns. We have also needed to purchase many new items for the care of him. The internet is so great for gaining information quickly. They have The Knot Inc. which has started up is a huge search engine that can provide a vast amount of reviews on local baby stores, baby products, classes, Doctors and more. They even talk about child friendly restaurants. With over 32,000 listings and 120,000 reviews you can obtain almost anything you are looking for. With just one click you are on your way to finding parental reviews, baby gear and so much more. Browse this site today and be on your way to answering questions you might be having.

Vegas Hotels

When I was younger, my parents took us on a three week long vacation. We traveled across the western end of the United States. I can remember going to Las Vegas. It was awesome. There were so many Vegas hotels to see. Each one of them was so different. It was like being in an amusement park almost. They have them set up with rides, shops and all kinds of entertainment. I would love to go back again someday.

Another Beautiful Day

It's looking like another beautiful day out there. They are talking in the 80's again. With Josh's parents here, it is nice that the weather is cooperating. They are from the north and it is getting quite cold there already. They are talking snow tomorrow. It will be a shock for their systems when they return.

Sexy Boots

As my wife can tell you, I love to shop. Living where we do it is so much fun. They have stores here that you can't just find anywhere. I was shopping the other day and saw some really sexy boots that I thought my wife would like. She's not into the shopping thing like I am, but I do think she might like these boots. I enjoy buying things for her.


My mom and dad bought an elliptical machine a couple of months ago. Mom told dad that she wouldn't be one to go to the local YMCA, so she needed to do something. She really enjoys having it at home. Now that they're traveling some they are finding that they are not getting the exercise time in like they should. There are ellipticals here where they are staying. They should get use of them. It's harder to do when a person is away from home.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Emry is just a week old and boy does he go through the diapers. Who ever said I would only need 12 a day, didn't know what they were talking about. We're using cloth diapers and we sure go through them. I guess that's a great sign of a healthy baby who is eating well. :)

Hair School

I've known people that were interested in attending a hair school, but weren't sure what Beauty Schools to check into. I have read up on the Regency Beauty Institute and found that they have been established for over 50 years. They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they have two campuses. They have also expanded with over 30 campuses across nine different states. It continues to grow in popularity. With their unique and different approach, this cosmetology school educates it's student while giving them on the job training in their salons. The salons are up-scale and benefit the community as well. Students are overseen by teachers while in training. It's a win-win situation for all. Browse this site and see more.


My mother and father-in-law are here visiting for a week or so. Josh's mom Vicky decided to make her family recipe for enchiladas for supper. Boy, they are sure good. We're always trying different types of sauce. I liked the brand we used tonight. Yum! Yum!

WOW! Life is busy!

My new son is going to be a week old tomorrow already. Boy, times sure flies. Josh and I are busier then ever. Josh is working hard on his college classes while I'm trying to keep up at home with a baby and other responsibilities. We'll get this routine down and it will be great! Life is good.


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Thursday, November 15, 2007


My beautiful baby boy was born on Nov. 13, 2007! Nothing can quite compare with that special moment of meeting him for the first time. To know what a miracle he is. My parents have told me that it was the same way for them when my siblings and I were born. Sometimes you hear about people who believe that there is love at first sight. They are right.

Billet Grilles

My younger brother has always been into cars. The first car he had was a probe. He was buying new parts for it all the time. It wasn't long and he was buying a new probe. This time he looked into changing the body and billet grilles. He changed the muffler system and some of the interior. I don't think he will ever get tired of working on cars.

Golf Shoes

My dad Bill absolutely loves the game of golf. He is always looking at new clubs, balls, shoes you name it, if it has to do with golf he would buy it. My brother-in-law use to have a job where he could earn points and receive free products. One month he earned enough to get dad a new pair of golf shoes. He was just thrilled. For the first time ever, Mom decided it was time to learn the sport. So she played some this year. She will have to continue next summer again.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Diamond Rings

A few years ago I met my awesome husband. I knew after a short time with him that he was the one. I can remember starting to look at diamond rings. I was so excited! It was so much fun. I was thrilled to be marrying the love of my life. He did an awesome job on the ring he chose also.

Cell Phone Booster

I can remember when I was younger and cell phones were just starting to come out. My parents had a big bulky thing that was not easy to carry around. Then the phones got smaller and lighter. At that time there weren't very many kids carrying them, but now it seems everyone has one, even as young as middle school. With the new cell phone booster you can have reception just about anywhere. They are a security. It's nice to own one.