Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Emry wants to wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks day!!! He loved his Green eggs and ham! :)


So, I just need to take a minute to vent. I was really disappointed to see the Panthers get a 9 seed! Seriously, that is probably the worst possible seed in the tourny. We lost only 4 games ALL season and dominated our conference tourny! We beat some quality opponents (including 2 that are in the tourny) and ended up drawing a 9 seed. If this is any indication as to the cieling of seeding the Panthers can expect from the committee, what is to stop Coach Jake from bolting for a bigger school? We should have been a 7 seed, which would have allowed us to play a 10 seed and if we won would allow us to play a 4ish seed. That would be perfect and would have given us a chance to make the sweet 16. As it stands, we will (if we win) play Kansas in the 2nd round, which is just horrible luck of the draw! There were much worse 9 seeds, especially since we should have gotten a 7 seed, that should have drawn Kansas as their brackets #1 seed, but nope... it's us...

Now, thinking on the bright side.. it is VERY possible for us to beat UNLV in the first round. This would be a great opportunity, win or lose, to play Kansas on a HUGE stage where the whole nation would watch us play! If we pulled off that upset, I can't imagine what it would do for our program! Even if we lose, as long as we play well, it would be great for our program and recruiting. I would rather have had a decent seed, like we deserved, and a chance to make it to the sweet 16, but there are some positives to this as well. I truly think we can give Kansas a run for their money if we shoot well and defend like we have all year! Big Jordan can take Aldrich out of the game, we have a big/physical PG that can slow down their stud PG, and Koch is the conference player of the year. It will help that we have depth like they do... just slow the game down, Panthers, and let's see what happens!


One more thing

about our boys getting old. I was just thinking about what they will look like when they are my age and starting to look for anti aging wrinkle cream..haha.. I look at them now and it just seems impossible that they will ever be young men, husbands, fathers, or that their skin will ever be anything but perfect! They are so precious and I just know, even though I can't even imagine it, that they are going to grow up to be such awesome men of God! They will make some ladies very happy some day! :)

Getting Older!

My spouse doesn't like to hear it, but our boys are getting old... well, not old, but they are growing up way faster than we ever imagined. I'm sure all parents say that, but boy is it true! I can't believe how time has flown. Pretty soon it will be time for baseball games, basketball tournaments, and acne home remedies.. haha. I can't wait for those times, but I really don't want time to fly by this fast. I need to slow down and enjoy each day because every day offers so much when you have children! I can't imagine my life without them in it!!

Good old TV

You may remember how I have been talking a lot about eating healthier. We have been looking for a new diet program, one that actually works and that is healthy. I think we have found a couple that we are going to look into. The other day I was watching TV and seriously saw a program about colon cleansing diets. I laughed to myself because one time I saw an episode of some show that was talking about colon cleansing.. I don't remember everything about it, but it was really amusing! Needless to say, I don't think I am going that route!

Done with Candy!

For the past month or so, we keep telling each other that we are going to start eating healthier. Then we find some treat that we just can't say no too. It is so hard to find diets that work, but recently my in-laws started a really good diet program that is also healthy! They aren't eating a lot less, but instead making it more healthy. They have lots a ton of weight. I think Mike has lost around 50 lbs and Kris has lost somewhere around that amount as well. I seriously think we may look at something like this to motivate us to eat better!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Seems trustworthy

When looking at the rapid detox site, I initially thought the site looked a little "cheap." It could be put together better, but the content is very strong, with patient feedback, pricing, contact information, VIP treatment, and published articles to back up their work. I am fortunate that I have not and will not have to ever go through detox, but for those that do, this service seems to be very solid. I would suggest checking them out if you need or someone you know needs to go through drug rehab.

What to get?

So, today is the birthday of my sister-in-law, Laura. I have no idea what to get her! I try to think about what a college aged female wants and I go blank. No one I ask is any help since everything they suggest costs an arm and a leg. I thought about a personalized gift which would mean a lot and would show I put some time into the gift, but I still have no idea what type of gift to get her. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Of course, today is her birthday, so you better hurry up and read this.. so you can give me some feedback. Ha!

One thing I miss!

We love being back in Iowa! We wouldn't change much of anything except maybe the weather. We have felt like we don't get to be as active living in Iowa and wish there was a way to work out more. In the hall we ran in Texas, there was a fitness room with lots of fitness equipment. We could go in there and run, lift weights, etc. which was really nice! We didn't use it very often since the weather was so nice in Texas but I know we would love to use it here since it is so cold and we are forced to stay inside all the time. Come back warm weather!!!!