Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So, I just need to take a minute to vent. I was really disappointed to see the Panthers get a 9 seed! Seriously, that is probably the worst possible seed in the tourny. We lost only 4 games ALL season and dominated our conference tourny! We beat some quality opponents (including 2 that are in the tourny) and ended up drawing a 9 seed. If this is any indication as to the cieling of seeding the Panthers can expect from the committee, what is to stop Coach Jake from bolting for a bigger school? We should have been a 7 seed, which would have allowed us to play a 10 seed and if we won would allow us to play a 4ish seed. That would be perfect and would have given us a chance to make the sweet 16. As it stands, we will (if we win) play Kansas in the 2nd round, which is just horrible luck of the draw! There were much worse 9 seeds, especially since we should have gotten a 7 seed, that should have drawn Kansas as their brackets #1 seed, but nope... it's us...

Now, thinking on the bright side.. it is VERY possible for us to beat UNLV in the first round. This would be a great opportunity, win or lose, to play Kansas on a HUGE stage where the whole nation would watch us play! If we pulled off that upset, I can't imagine what it would do for our program! Even if we lose, as long as we play well, it would be great for our program and recruiting. I would rather have had a decent seed, like we deserved, and a chance to make it to the sweet 16, but there are some positives to this as well. I truly think we can give Kansas a run for their money if we shoot well and defend like we have all year! Big Jordan can take Aldrich out of the game, we have a big/physical PG that can slow down their stud PG, and Koch is the conference player of the year. It will help that we have depth like they do... just slow the game down, Panthers, and let's see what happens!



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