Friday, February 12, 2010


Israel is changing so fast, he's so much chubbier than Emry was at his age, I love the rolls on his thighs! Babies are so sweet and have so many things to also take care of. Diana makes sure she scrubs his hair real good so that he doesn't get any sort of buildup or get any scalp pimples. One time she scrubbed his hair so hard, the whole front half of his hair fell out, but that's okay he was only half bald for a short time and his hair has grown back quick!! Israel has started to coo and 'talk' a lot more now, he's such a joy to come home to! I wonder someday's what he's going to look like as he gets older, it will be fun to compare him and Emry since they're brothers. So far, they definately look like brothers- Emry's eyes are a bit more rounder than Israel's are. So far Israel has bright blue eyes and we're kinda crossing our fingers hoping they stay blue. My wife Diana has the most amazing eyes and they are blue, so i want one of our kids to have her stunning eyes, maybe it will be Israel? I can wait to see what God has in store for this little baby that he's trusted is with, he's truely a miracle!!


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