Friday, February 12, 2010

First time with a needle!

So I'm like deathly afraid of needles, getting my blood drawn, etc. And I havn't done so in a verrrryy long time. At least in the lifetime that I've been with Diana I havn't. So I kinda chocked myself oneday when Diana proposed that I get a health screening, which included getting my clodd drawn. She was shocked when i said yes, I know realized that my family is very important and I want to take care of myself so I can take care of them. So this test had all tons of things it was checking, and all different levels you can score at. and when it came back in the mail, all my tests came back average/perfect/normal! I was thrilled, not that I was expecting them not to be, but I hadn't checked anything that was going on in my body for a very long time and was curious- so no more anxiety about any sort of cholesterol treatment or anxiety about blodd sugars too high, etc. Diana was very proud of me, i think she really wanted to go with me to my screening just to SEE me actually go through with getting my blood drawn, but she needed to stay home with the kids! I'm proud of myself too!


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