Friday, February 12, 2010

Buisness Adventure!

So my wife's brain has been a tickin away again, about how she can make more money to save for down payment on our future house, and she started doing a little buisness where she decorates sugar cookies. These aren't any kind of decorating skills, she is amazing at it! She sold a couple cookie bouquet's for valentine's day and love it, I sure wouldn't be able to spend that much time and attention to detail as she does. We were thinking up a fun name for her 'cookie buisness' and I'm sure one day she hopes to be as much of a 'big wig' as richard willich is! Diana's mom is really into cookie decorating too and it seems like that's all they ever do when they get together! I love my wife and how she constantly can think up new ways to do things she loves!


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