Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Older

I was thinking the other day about getting older, mainly because time seems to be going SO FAST! Ecspecailly now that we've had our second son, time is going even faster than the first. Getting older beings with it many things, it will be fun to see the season's in our kids lives as they grow older and the season's in my wife and I's marriage as it continuelly grows stronger. then there's all the other things about getting old like, wrinkles, stiff joints, grey hair, lots of pills like hgh supplement and all sorts of things! All I know is that my family will always be there and that's the most important thing! Shhh, don't mention 'getting older' too much around my wife, she'll break down- she already can't imagine preschool let alone our sons going to college or getting married. I'm excited to see them do all those things but for now I'm completely comfortable where we're/I'm at! Now I'm gonna get some sleep and hope tomorrow is slow ;o) hehe


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