Friday, February 12, 2010

The Dating Years

Back when my wife and I were in college we would do all sorts of silly things. I remember one time she asked me to do facials with her so I did! We put a mud mask on our faces and her mom took pictures, it's fun to look back on those pictures now that we're much older. And then lots of times she'd have me put on those pore strips for blackhead removal, but her's would never have anything on it but mine would be really gross lookin. haha. why did she continue to stay with me? ha! Then there were times, when I was interviewing for a job and we took a lot of plane trips to different states interviewing and Diana would always take tons of pictures on the plane, and i think in about everyone I was sleeping. That was probably rude of me to sleep everytime we were on the plane......Diana never sleeps on planes she always wants to talk or play a game! Now that we have kids, plane rides consist of entertaining them! Now that we've moved back from Texas we're not flying as much as we used to. But that's a good thing! anywho, I love to look at pictures and remember fun time we've had back then too!


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