Friday, February 12, 2010

Skinny Minnies

so my wife's parents are on a new healthy eating 'lifestyle' called prism. It isn't in the category of diets for quick weight loss, rather it's a completel change in your thinking, about what you consume and how much you consume and the quality of the food you consume. They talk a lot about how much sugar is bad in your diet, and white flour, etc. They started eating better and exercising and controlling their portions and they have been losing weight like crazy! we're so proud of them as I think they had tried everything and nothing had worked and now they're feeling better and looking better! Diana enjoys picking out new, hipper, clothes for them that are smaller and look better on them! Emry and Israel are enjoying more energized grandparents! They used to eat so many sweets, ecspecailly diana's mom, but they have cut those our completely! Diana's dad has got into a good routine of running on the treadmill and I know he's egerly awaiting summer so that he can ride his bike!! If only we had bikes, we could ride with him!


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