Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pure Style!

Ever since we got a new dress code at work, I have wanted to get accessories to match my outfits. Lately, I have wanted to get a watch. I haven't worn one since middle school but there are so many cool ones out there now. I am actually thinking about looking at Swatch watches since I have heard so many good things about them and they look sweet! I would suggest checking them out for yourself! Let me know what you think!

Thesis time!

Wow, seems like I just started school and now I am already starting my thesis! I have almost completed chapter 1 and 2 already and before I know it I will be finished. I can't wait! I love my topic but it will be great to be done and spend more time with my family!

Of the month

Wondering what "of the month" club I am referring too? Well, there are many of the month clubs that people get into and love. They get a discounted price on products and get to try a special of one product each month. The one that a co-worker of mine loves is a wine of the month club. They get to try new wines each month and love. I haven't looked into it but he highly recommends it to everyone he speaks with!


Well, it is coming up fast!!!! I can't believe I will be interviewing for jobs in just a couple weeks.. We are praying that God will put the right job in our path and we will feel comfortable with the job that He has for us!

Buy wholesale!

This past week we watched a show on shopping smart, using coupons, and sales. We are going to start trying it after seeing that some people save up to 100 dollars each week. We also thought about how shopping wholesale may help us as well. I will have to check into it further and decide if it is worth it, but my guess would be that it will definitely be worth it. Check back here and I will update you on what we find.