Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jake and Renee

I can't believe they were already here a week and now gone. That was one of the fastest weeks I can remember. It was also one of the most fun too! We did so much in just 1 week. On Monday we went to shoot guns at the shooting range, on Tuesday we went to a Texas Rangers baseball game, Wednesday we went to the Zoo, Thursday we went to Six Flags, and Friday we went to the aquarium. Each day was so busy that it really flew by! I am glad we get to see them again in a couple weeks as we had a really good time with them!

LA Police Gear

LA Police Gear has some amazing items for police officers. Out of all the awesome things they have for sale, their Luminox watches are probably the best. "LA Police Gear, Inc is proud to announce that we are an authorized Luminox Watch dealer as of June, 2008. Make sure to only buy your Luminox watch from an authorized dealer or no warranty work will be performed on your watch (if ever needed)." I would strongly suggesting that you checkout their selection and buying from them, as a company you can trust in. Don't just check out their watches either. Make sure you take a look at all they have to offer, from their footwear to flashlights! Don't miss the opportunity to check them out.


Where we currently live we are not allowed to have candles in our home. I wish that weren't the case because I really enjoy decorating with them. They make a home look and smell a lot better. I remember growing up and my mom having all kinds of candles throughout our home. It would be so nice to be able to shut off the lights in the evening and have candles on around our home. I can't wait until we get our own house so we can have candles.

Acne, gross!

I don't know anyone who enjoys having acne. I know in high school I hated it when I would have an outbreak. Sometimes I wouldn't even want to go to school. There were always different types of treatments to use but none really ever seemed to work. Today there seems to be so many more options, even natural acne treatment methods to try. Most of the people I have run into have found treatments that have worked for them. Boy have times changed.

Sweet Car!

My brother just got a new car, and it is awesome! I am now a parent and driving an SUV, but he is still in his fast car stage of life. His new car is fast and definitely a dream car. He was talking about looking for a turbo engine for it, but I am not to familiar with what that would all take or how much it would cost. I will be seeing him in a couple weeks and am excited about seeing his new car!

Getting old?

My eyes have always been 20/20 and had no problems. Everyone said when I got older my eyes would start to get worse and I always told them they were crazy. I am thankful that I still have great vision and don't have to worry about buying eyeglasses, but there are many people who are not so fortunate. I am still claiming that I will not be one of those who needs glasses due to old age, how about you?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


With the hopes of getting a house in the near future, we have once again begun to shop for items. We try to find good deals and stockpile for when we get our dream house. Some of the things we are keeping our eyes open for are blinds, tv, fridge, couch, bed, and much more. We have found many things already and plan to have a good stash by next May when we will hopefully be looking to move back to Iowa.

Getting your resume out there..

There seems to be a ton of sites that now specialize in helping people get their resumes seen and looked at. This helps job searching lot! I know there are huge sites like that do this but there are a lot of specialized ones as well. For higher education they have a site that you can upload your resume too. They also have region specific sites where you can get Los Angeles resumes, for example. These sites area great idea and make specialized resume searching even easier.

Good old times

I remember growing up and going on family vacations. They were a blast but one thing we never had was enough room in the car. My dad would always say that he would buy a bus, but of course he never did. It would probably make vacationing a ton of fun, but gas prices now would make it outrageous probably. We always had a 4 door car, but no van or bus. I am just glad he didn't try to get a van, I can promise you we will not get a van!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Classy watches

I was watching the show "Sweet 16" the other day and the kid on there got a Rolex watch for his birthday. I have always wanted a really nice watch but never really looked into buying them before. Patek Gondolo seems to be one of the best brands I have found and they have great quality. It would be a great gift to get one or buy one. I have not yet seen one in person but the reviews seem to be really good and I plan on getting one soon.

GPS users

We recently got a GPS unit for our car. I first thought it would be a waste of money and thought using mapquest was just as useful. Wow, I was wrong! We have used the tracker a lot and it is so much better than mapquest. It is also pretty addicting and other forms of GPS sound pretty fun too. gps fleet tracking is another form I looked into and it is pretty neat. You should take a look if you get a chance. Just be prepared to get addicted to any form of GPS you may look into.