Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fantasy Football!!!

I can't believe we have our draft this weekend already! Wow, time goes by way to fast! I was happy that last season I won 3 different leagues and hope to repeat again this year. I had great teams last year and was only able to make it to one draft. I make a lot of trades to get my team built the way I like. We will see if it works again this year! :)

Grandma's House

I was just thinking back to growing up and visiting my grandparents house. We went there often and I always remember seeing her keyboard piano. She loved to play that thing! It was the best keyboard piano ever! I remember her letting us play with it and not even worrying about whether we would break it or not. It had so many options and as a kid it was like heaven to get to play with. It also gives me such good memories of growing up and visiting her home. These are the things we never forget! Such good times!

Basketball Season!

I know football season comes first, but I can't wait for basketball! All the trades and draft excitment get me pumped for the season to start. The local University here has a great team as well and it will be fun to see how they do again this season. last year was a bit down but the new recruits and red shirt players are going to be soo good!

Easy Website Building

I remember when I made my first website. It was a template where you could basically just drag pictures around and put captions under them. Now, they make it so much easier with great resources like IM creator. It is almost laughable how bad my first site was and how much better I can make them now. It isn't even like I know much about building the sites either, it's just that they make it so easy to do now. I am currently trying to think about how I can make a site for our cookie and cake decorating business. might not be elementary, but it is about as close as it gets now with all the help!