Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sports Wear

It seems that every sport requires it's own special clothing and equipment. There are many stores that sell most of these items but then there are other sports that don't seem to get much room in large sports wear stores. equestrian clothing comes to mind and so does cricket. I know they aren't extremely popular in most of the United States, but you would still think they would have some room in these stores. I guess shopping online is the best way to go.

Flash Back!

I saw a guy with a really witty t shirt on today. It made me think back to high school and college when all of my t shirts were basically different funny sayings. I loved having funny t shirts and really that is all I wore. I had kind of forgotten about my love for them until today. Isn't it funny when you think back on your life at all your likes/dislikes over the years. Wow, time flies! I can't believe it was so long ago already!

Our Camera

about 6 years ago we bought a camera that we love! We looked at slr cameras but decided against them since we found ours for much cheaper. We love it but it is on the back end of its life, which is okay since we have gotten a ton of use out of it and really beat on it over the years! We are unsure if we will get one similar (even talked about getting the exact same one off of ebay) or upgrading to an slr. We will have to see what deals we can find!

Only Tuesday

I can't believe it is only Tuesday today! Wow! it is going sooo slow! I can't wait until Friday when we get to go to our parents and to our foster classes. It will be a lot of fun! It is nice to get away and treat these 10 weeks kind of like vacation. :)


I can't believe how hard it is for people to find significant others now adays. Anyways, that's according to my single friends. It seems like everyone is trying online dating like free dating sites and stuff like that. I am so glad I have found my wife and the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. Such a stress reliever!

Valentines Day

Yup, I said it... Valentines Day! It's right around the corner and that means trying to figure out how to make that day special! You can't just do flowers, sexy corset lingerie or jewelry. You can do those things but it has to be along with something really unique and special, if you really want to make her happy. Try to spice it up and not be so routine this Valentines Day! Step outside of your box, research ideas, and try something new!

New Hobby

Have you ever seen those people that put little beads on everything? They want to sparkle up everything they own! Well, I was always making fun of them until our kids started getting interested in beading. bicone beads are actually really fun to work with and look really neat! Our kids have a blast beading and we are all getting into it as a family! Happy Beading!!!