Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dockers Giveaway!

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Khaki giveaway!

P.S. This is what i surprised Diana with for Valentine's Day- it's her with Emry and israel! she loved it!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Israel is changing so fast, he's so much chubbier than Emry was at his age, I love the rolls on his thighs! Babies are so sweet and have so many things to also take care of. Diana makes sure she scrubs his hair real good so that he doesn't get any sort of buildup or get any scalp pimples. One time she scrubbed his hair so hard, the whole front half of his hair fell out, but that's okay he was only half bald for a short time and his hair has grown back quick!! Israel has started to coo and 'talk' a lot more now, he's such a joy to come home to! I wonder someday's what he's going to look like as he gets older, it will be fun to compare him and Emry since they're brothers. So far, they definately look like brothers- Emry's eyes are a bit more rounder than Israel's are. So far Israel has bright blue eyes and we're kinda crossing our fingers hoping they stay blue. My wife Diana has the most amazing eyes and they are blue, so i want one of our kids to have her stunning eyes, maybe it will be Israel? I can wait to see what God has in store for this little baby that he's trusted is with, he's truely a miracle!!

Skinny Minnies

so my wife's parents are on a new healthy eating 'lifestyle' called prism. It isn't in the category of diets for quick weight loss, rather it's a completel change in your thinking, about what you consume and how much you consume and the quality of the food you consume. They talk a lot about how much sugar is bad in your diet, and white flour, etc. They started eating better and exercising and controlling their portions and they have been losing weight like crazy! we're so proud of them as I think they had tried everything and nothing had worked and now they're feeling better and looking better! Diana enjoys picking out new, hipper, clothes for them that are smaller and look better on them! Emry and Israel are enjoying more energized grandparents! They used to eat so many sweets, ecspecailly diana's mom, but they have cut those our completely! Diana's dad has got into a good routine of running on the treadmill and I know he's egerly awaiting summer so that he can ride his bike!! If only we had bikes, we could ride with him!

First time with a needle!

So I'm like deathly afraid of needles, getting my blood drawn, etc. And I havn't done so in a verrrryy long time. At least in the lifetime that I've been with Diana I havn't. So I kinda chocked myself oneday when Diana proposed that I get a health screening, which included getting my clodd drawn. She was shocked when i said yes, I know realized that my family is very important and I want to take care of myself so I can take care of them. So this test had all tons of things it was checking, and all different levels you can score at. and when it came back in the mail, all my tests came back average/perfect/normal! I was thrilled, not that I was expecting them not to be, but I hadn't checked anything that was going on in my body for a very long time and was curious- so no more anxiety about any sort of cholesterol treatment or anxiety about blodd sugars too high, etc. Diana was very proud of me, i think she really wanted to go with me to my screening just to SEE me actually go through with getting my blood drawn, but she needed to stay home with the kids! I'm proud of myself too!

The Dating Years

Back when my wife and I were in college we would do all sorts of silly things. I remember one time she asked me to do facials with her so I did! We put a mud mask on our faces and her mom took pictures, it's fun to look back on those pictures now that we're much older. And then lots of times she'd have me put on those pore strips for blackhead removal, but her's would never have anything on it but mine would be really gross lookin. haha. why did she continue to stay with me? ha! Then there were times, when I was interviewing for a job and we took a lot of plane trips to different states interviewing and Diana would always take tons of pictures on the plane, and i think in about everyone I was sleeping. That was probably rude of me to sleep everytime we were on the plane......Diana never sleeps on planes she always wants to talk or play a game! Now that we have kids, plane rides consist of entertaining them! Now that we've moved back from Texas we're not flying as much as we used to. But that's a good thing! anywho, I love to look at pictures and remember fun time we've had back then too!

Getting Older

I was thinking the other day about getting older, mainly because time seems to be going SO FAST! Ecspecailly now that we've had our second son, time is going even faster than the first. Getting older beings with it many things, it will be fun to see the season's in our kids lives as they grow older and the season's in my wife and I's marriage as it continuelly grows stronger. then there's all the other things about getting old like, wrinkles, stiff joints, grey hair, lots of pills like hgh supplement and all sorts of things! All I know is that my family will always be there and that's the most important thing! Shhh, don't mention 'getting older' too much around my wife, she'll break down- she already can't imagine preschool let alone our sons going to college or getting married. I'm excited to see them do all those things but for now I'm completely comfortable where we're/I'm at! Now I'm gonna get some sleep and hope tomorrow is slow ;o) hehe

Buisness Adventure!

So my wife's brain has been a tickin away again, about how she can make more money to save for down payment on our future house, and she started doing a little buisness where she decorates sugar cookies. These aren't any kind of decorating skills, she is amazing at it! She sold a couple cookie bouquet's for valentine's day and love it, I sure wouldn't be able to spend that much time and attention to detail as she does. We were thinking up a fun name for her 'cookie buisness' and I'm sure one day she hopes to be as much of a 'big wig' as richard willich is! Diana's mom is really into cookie decorating too and it seems like that's all they ever do when they get together! I love my wife and how she constantly can think up new ways to do things she loves!

What a move!

It has been since July but it seems like yeseterday that we were cross country moving! We moved back to Iowa from Texas and it was sure a lot of work to get all of our stuff up here. We are glad it is over and that we won't have to ever make a move like that again. We were so worried about our belongings getting broken during the move, but we had some great help that made the transition much smoother than it could have been. We love being back in Iowa, working at UNI, and being so close to family. In fact, we have family here tonight and family coming to see us tomorrow! It sure is nicer than only getting to see family once or twice a year, like was the case in Texas.


We went to a friends the other day and saw that they have the exact same living room furniture set as we do. We purchased ours a couple years ago and they just recently got theirs. We heard about how nice their new furniture was but were really surprised when we showed up and saw our set sitting in their apartment. We love ours because of the modern sofas and cute tables and rug that came with it. We sure hope they like their set as much as we have loved ours!