Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diet Pill That Works

There are many out there today that would like to lose some unwanted weight. Is there a diet pill that works? We have all seen the many ways that people are now trying. Surgeries, diet pills, diets, exercise, fat burners and more. What is the healthiest, easiest and best way to lose that excess weight? I think you have to figure out what is best for you.

No Balance Transfer Fee

Back in the day, my parents would tell me about how difficult it was to gain credit. Someone finally gave them a chance and they bought their first TV which cost them over $800. That is how they established credit and received their first credit card. Today there are many companies out there. They offer deals like no balance transfer fee for 6 mos and other great specials. Times have sure changed.

Laptop Computer

My husband decided to go back for his Masters just over a year ago. We were in need of a laptop computer that he could carry with him and would have more memory space. He is taking online classes. So we went looking and found a great deal on a new laptop. Now I have started up an online business and we find ourselves needing more then one computer. So now we have purchased two.


Through out my life I have enjoyed reading. There are so many different types of books out there today. You can escape to a land far away or fall deeply into a romantic novel. What ever it might be, books can be my relaxing moment. I love to go out by the pool and sit and read. Is that something you enjoy also?

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Business, new computer

Some of you may know that we recently started up a new business. We are in the process of getting it off its feet and we are really excited about it. One of the necessities of starting up this business was to have a really nice computer that would work quickly for all the computer programs we will be using. Having enough ram is really important and our old computer just did not have enough. We finally found a really nice HP computer that we are super happy with. It turns out to be the exact same as our other HP except for it has 3 GB memory which will be awesome for running multiple programs at once.

New Lighting

So, while we are home visiting family, one of our goals is to decorate Diana's parents house. Well, not the entire house, but at least the basement where Mike recently put in a nice trim around the room. We will likely go shopping and look to redo the entire room. One of the major needs is lighting, which won't be hard to fix for a minimal cost. Lamps can often times be pricy, but I think we have found the solution. It will be a fun process and we have a lot of fun putting our heads together and working on projects like this. I know most people would say it isn't vacation but I think it is fun and relaxing.