Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vote for Emry - Parents Magazine Cover baby contest!

So, I took the advice of a friend and entered Emry into a cute baby contest. It is for the chance to appear on the cover of Parents Magazine, which would be sooo neat! If you read this and have 2 seconds, please take the time to click on the following link and vote for him. All you have to do is click on "recommend" at the top of the page and then click on 5 stars to rate him. I know this is a shameless plug for my son, but I thought you might help me out:) Thanks!


Vacation time!

Well, it's finally summer and that means VACATION time!!!! I am not sure where we will end up going yet, but it will definitely be somewhere warm. Emry has never seen the ocean, so maybe somewhere along the coast. Wherever we go, we will surely be boating, among other things. We usually end up renting a lot of neat things while on vacation took, like what North Padre Island rentals has to offer. I can't say how excited we are to get away and have our first official family vacation with Emry!!!! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Losing your home...

We recently watched a really touching story about people losing their homes and going through foreclosure. On one hand it made me sad to see people losing their homes, but it also made me mad to see many of the families making poor choices in the first place.

One family they focused on was living way above their pay scale to begin with. They refused to give up their fancy home and nice cars because they wanted the "look." Then they go on a show like this and cry that they will lose what they have. There are many people that genuinely struggle to keep what they have and folks like these give them all a bad name. It is like those people who are homeless because of laziness. They are the ones that cause many to stereotype all homeless as lazy.

If people weren't always worrying about keeping up with the "Jones'" we would have a lot less foreclosure issues. Heck, it may even help everyone out if these people weren't taking those crazy loans in the first place!

Acne... Gross!

I haven't had to deal with acne since I was in middle school, but it seems many of todays college students are. It is probably because of all the stress and pressure they have on them from society, parents, and friends. I see these students every day and want to be able to suggest to them a good acne treatment plan. I know there are many out there but most don't work and I wouldn't just suggest any product. If someone really cares about their skin, they will take the time to look into it and find the best solution for them.

Drug rehab issues

My wife and I watch the different rehab shows that are now on TV and often wonder whether they actually help those in need or if they just exploit them. I have had a couple friends with drug problems and even had one that I personally took to drug rehab. They take it seriously and need to be able to really concentrate while there. Are these shows giving the people a chance to do this or just exploiting their poor situation for money?

PS3 addicts!

Yup, that pretty much describes most of my friends and my brother. They love their PS3's and purchase almost anything they can to fancy them up, get all the best and newest games, and never let it leave their site. My brother is always buying stuff for his and I need to find a good place to buy PS3 stuff. Whenever the time rolls around to buy him something I always know anything to do with PS3 will make him happy!

New laptop slowing down already!

I was convinced getting a new computer would solve all my problems. I use it daily and need it to work quickly and efficiently for me. It seems that we may need some new laptop memory or maybe we just got the shaft on buying the wrong computer. I have asked my friends and family that know a lot about computers and am hoping they can help us with the issue. If not, it looks like we will be paying someone to fix it or to install more memory.


So, lately I have gained a few unwanted pounds and I just can't seem to shake them off. My friends are telling me it is because I am starting to get old but I am not about to admit that! I need to find an easy, healthy, and effective way to shed the pounds without having to take hours out of my day to do it. I have looked at a lot of different methods and it seems that Alli may be right for me. I am going to look into it further, but I haven't seen any reason not to give it a try and nothing else has stood out to me more than Alli has!