Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Losing your home...

We recently watched a really touching story about people losing their homes and going through foreclosure. On one hand it made me sad to see people losing their homes, but it also made me mad to see many of the families making poor choices in the first place.

One family they focused on was living way above their pay scale to begin with. They refused to give up their fancy home and nice cars because they wanted the "look." Then they go on a show like this and cry that they will lose what they have. There are many people that genuinely struggle to keep what they have and folks like these give them all a bad name. It is like those people who are homeless because of laziness. They are the ones that cause many to stereotype all homeless as lazy.

If people weren't always worrying about keeping up with the "Jones'" we would have a lot less foreclosure issues. Heck, it may even help everyone out if these people weren't taking those crazy loans in the first place!


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