Friday, April 18, 2008


So lately we'e been hard core budgeting and planning for a house. We pray that by May 2009 we will have $20,000 saved up for a nice down payment on a house. Bugeting you'd think would be easy but there's so many little things that happen each month that you don't rely on paying for- like oh our air purifier needs a new filter, our car registration is due, oh I need a swim suit cause I don't have one, Emry's starting solids so we need a food processor this month, etc.. Those things add up and make it hard to save. But we can only rely on God and know that he will provide for our every need, and that he will find a way to put us in that dream house of ours. This world is FULL of so many things we want, we just have to look past and see what we really need.


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