Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Small Business

Well, we are still a pretty small business, but it isn't ever to soon to begin thinking bigger. Right? I mean, we can think of things that we will need, like a computer, register, receipt printer, shredder, etc. Why not be prepared for when we get a little bigger, right? We are just going with the flow and enjoying every minute of it. We get to spend more time as a family which is always great too! I am blessed to have such an awesome family and friends supporting us! Thank you all!

Still in amazement!

I still can't believe we did it! Well, the Dallas Mavericks did but you know what I mean! And with the lockout, we will get to be champions even longer! :)


Phones are so crazy now! I feel old talking about it but I remember not having a cell phone at all. Then I remember having a huge one with only a few minutes, used for emergencies only! Now, everyone has a cell phone and we are even getting rid of our land line since we have a cell phone already. And the amount of things the phones can do now?! WOW! I saw a new phone that is 3D capable. Weird! The new htc incredible s at the source is awesome too! Just so amazing what they are coming out with!

Love my iPad!

I LOVE my iPad! Not only me, but my whole family! When my family bought it for me as a gift they thought they wouldn't enjoy using it. In fact, they thought it was a waste of money!Now, I can barely get it from them because they are using it all the time. It has awesome kid apps, ipad accessories, and everything else you could think of! I sue it for work, fun, and the kids use it for learning. They are awesome!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One of our good friends used to be a worship team leader at a local church. After the position being wiped out and him being let go, he found a couple different jobs while he searched and worked on his masters! He mainly worked retail jobs to support his family and most recently was selling diamond engagement rings and all other kinds of jewelry at a store. He was very good at it but I know his heart was elsewhere. Then just the other day we found out he got a job as a worship team leader at a church down south! We are so happy for him and his family! Congratulations!!!

Longggg Week!

What a week! we had family here from Philly! We had a blast!!! They stayed at our place a few days and then we all stayed at their parents house for a few days. We were moving non-stop and the kids went without naps for a week! Did the fair, stayed in a hotel a night, had a birthday party, etc. we had a blast!!!


I have never been very into jewelry but wow it is beautiful when you take the time to look at it closely and learn how it is made! It is no small operation to make Swarovski Crystal beads or any other kind of jewelry! No wonder it can cost so much! I am no longer going to complain when I have to pay a little more for jewelry after watching a show on how it is made! Wow is all I can say!!! I could not ever have the patience to sit and work on a ring or anything else that long!

I love my family!

I am so blessed!!!

Time to organize!

We love to organize! You can imagine having 2 kids and no closets in your house that you have to get pretty good at organizing stuff! We have organized churches before by using siegel literature displays and other organization tools. We helped organize many people's offices and even helped friends who couldn't seem to organize their new home. To tell you the truth, I find it much more fun to clean and organize someone elses stuff than my own! So, if you need help, let us know!!!! For a small fee of course!

Lap top on the back 9!

I know laptops don't last long, but give me a break! My computer is only a couple years old and already on the down hill! I am done spending over a thousand dollars for something that will only last a couple years. I am going to look at other options, like acer aspire laptops and other brands that are solid and more reasonably priced! I seriously have only had my computer for a couple years and you would guess it was from the 90's by how slow it is now!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Love decorating the boys room!

I am not a big decorator, but I do love decorating the boys room!!! It is sports themed and they have a lot of my memorabilia hanging on the walls. I also went to a baseball gifts store and got some neat things, and even Hobby Lobby had cool stuff. We got rugs, hardware, lockers, and curtains to spice up the room and make it really feel sporty. The final touch was adding a vinyl quote on the wall about sports not building character but rather that sports reveal ones character. I want the boys to always remember that when they are involved in sports.

Time to get in shape!

Time to stop junk fooding it up and start getting in shape. I have been thinking about starting to run, maybe even just around our property. I hate running but it would be worth it if it meant getting in shape! Maybe I should get a personal trainer or even better yet I could go to personal trainer school and become a personal training. That way I would have to stay in shape! Now that would be the kind of motivation I need! Hum, good idea! I may just have to look into that! Other wise, I guess I could just start eating healthier and get the right amount of rest!

Projects Projects Projects

The projects seem to be never ending when living on an acreage! But, I LOVE them! How exciting it is to get to do so many cool things and have the room to do them! Chickens? Come on, how cool is that?!?! The kids love it and so do we! I am going to need to upgrade my water hose though, as it gets used all the time! Maybe I'll have to invest in a braided metal hose or something! ha.. I never liked the thought of daily chores but they are actually not bad and pretty rewarding! I won't ever get tired of going out and finding eggs! Love it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Got Junk?

What a great idea! What is the idea I am referring to? Well, Got Junk is a junk removal company who specialize in just that... removing unwanted junk! Specifically, Appliance Removal Chicago seems to be great! If you need to locate them, no problem! http://maps.google.com/maps/place?q=junk+removal+willowbrook+il&hl=en&cid=1239153154787440370

Their site is easy to follow, easy to locate how and where they are located, and you get up front rates on how much it will cost. How great! If you check ouhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gift their site, it is also very interesting to read some of the stories that their employees have encountered! Interested in how to book with them? They lay it out on their site and even what they do and what they will take. They also pride themselves on being responsible in disposing of the junk (they even donate some junk!).

It isn't for everyone but they also help people start franchises with the name Got Junk! Why would you start your own business from the ground up when you can franchise, get assistance, training, equipment, etc. in setting up your own business? What a neat opportunity for you business minded folks!

Don't hesitate to check them out today! Get over to their site and get rid of that junk!

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Uniform Scrubs

There are many positions, now a days, that require employees to wear scrubs. However, there are not many quality places to purchase scrubs. Well, the searching is over. A high quality scrub store that you can trust and be happy with is http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/.

When everyone is wearing basically the same uniform, it is nice when you can customize your scrubs in some way. They have that covered too and it is at a very reasonable price to have your uniform scrubs customized!

Their site is also easy to navigate, appealing, and professional. So, stop shopping around and head over to their site today!

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Summer Hair

Yup, we all know what that means.... flat, frizzy hair.... I have tried a million different hair products and have found some that work. My wife likes herstyler curlers and doing her hair all pretty, but it sure is hard in the summer weather. So humid and every time you step outside you feel like you need to shower again. On a high note, the summer sure is awesome when you want to be outside and working on your property! We have so many projects started and the kids love to be out side playing with the animals and helping mow. We have family coming this week which will be fun too! Just wish it lasted longer!

Farm time are fun times!

We have started to get nasty tom cats on our property. They beat the snot out of a couple of our cats and went after our kids a couple times. So, I took it upon myself to contact a friend and borrow their gun. I don't know what kind of scope it had on it, maybe a nikon rifle scope or something. I don't know my guns very well but it sure did the job!!! I felt bad at first but not once it came after the kids! I am bound and determined to keep my family safe! I am now a hunter, living on a farm!

Emry's new hobby!

So, Emry is starting to collect things... yup, coins! He's a smart kid too! He understands that each are worth a certain amount, although he doesn't really understand which is worth more than the other. When we go out I give him the money to had the clerk and he is always happy when he gets more coins back than what he gave the clerk. It makes him feel like he is getting more money back than what he initially gave. ha.. super cute! He knows the names pennies, dimes, nickles, quarters, etc. and even recognizes dollars. Maybe it is a little early for him to be learning about money? ha.. So fun to watch them grow up!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Need Big and Tall Clothing?

Being big and tall can be challenging. Especially challenging can be finding big and tall clothes that fit. When I say fit, I don't mean you can put it on. I mean it actually fits the way clothes are supposed to. Not where you have to settle for an extra large shirt simply because you are tall but as thin as a rail. If you want big and tall clothing that actually fits, you need to visit www.kingsizedirect.com!

Do you need belts and shoes? They have you covered there as well! You can get just about anything you need, including underwear and sleepwear. Another plus is that you won’t need to drive all over looking for a big and tall store. After all, unless you happen to live in a larger area, there are often times no big and tall stores available. That leaves people searching for online stores or driving a long ways to find a place to shop.

Basically, it is your one-stop-shop for everything big and tall! The site is easy to navigate and they are reputable. Don't waste your time looking around any longer; go straight to www.kingsizedirect.com for your needs! I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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