Friday, July 29, 2011

Rabbit toubles...

So, last month we caught a rabbit at the county fair. Then yesterday she started tearing out her hair... we found out she is pregnant... we haven't had her near any rabbits so it had to happen at the fair the DAY before we got her. go figure... I don't mind though because it is another adventure in our story! And the kids LOVE it! boy are they excited about baby rabbits joining our growing family!!!!

Actos lawsuit

Wow, who would ever think that when they take medicine to help control a major disease like diabetes that they would actually be hurting themselves even more than the disease they are trying to get rid of or control? That is apparently the case with Actos, which may lead to Actos lawsuits. Pioglitazone, also known as Actos, ActoplusMet, Competact and Duetact, has now been linked to very serious side effects that include heart attacks, heart failure and even bladder cancer. It is sad that people trust these companies to help them and they could end up hurting them. It is important for people to understand these possible risks so they can make informed decisions on whether they want to take certain drugs or not.

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I definitely can't get enough of my buddies! Oh, how I am in love with them!!!! :)

Bretts back again!

Can you believe this? Brett Favre is coming back again!!!! haha... just kidding.. but the photo does look pretty real!

Chantix lawsuit

It seems every time I read the news I hear more and more cases of medicines and drugs that are meant to help people, but are actually causing more damage than good. Back in July, 2009 the Food & Drug Administration issued their strongest safety warning against Chantix. Their warning is called a "black box warning." This is meant to really emphasize the importance for healthcare providers and patients to take notice of the warning. Chantix was linked, through public reports, to patients having thoughts of suicide, depression and even suicidal actions. Side effects this serious could easily lead to a Chantix lawsuit and it is important for people to be informed.

"I was paid for this post and my opinions were not swayed in any way."

Missing you NBA

Like I have said before, I LOVE the NBA! I am super bummed that it is in lockout mode but hope it is back by seasons start. If not, I guess I can just relish in the fact that my Mavs are NBA Champs even longer! :)

NFL is back!

So, my favorite sport, the NBA is still in lockout mode, but that is okay since it is still the off season. I also love the NFL and it is great to know we will have a full season to enjoy! I also heard rumblings that Brett Favre will be coming back. haha.. I can't believe that! I thought that would be over after last years injury plagued season. I love the Vikings but it is weird they went out and got McNabb. When will they stop getting old QBs? I guess he is young at 34 compared to Favre at 41! ha... hopefully he will be solid for us until Ponder develops.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Searching for a Home?

Real estate around the nation has had its troubles. Homes are not selling for as much as people would like which makes this a great time to buy, if you want a great deal on a home. There are great deals available for those who are willing to look for them. If you plan to move to or already do, Hawaii is a great place to look and there are many great Hawaii realtors available to assist you with your search. Take your time looking around at options and you are bound to find something that you will love and can hopefully call a forever-home. Don't do it alone, let an experienced realtor help you along the way. They can be a huge asset in helping you navigate what is available, what is a good deal vs. bad, how much to offer and what to counter with. Good luck with your home search!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Texas is for the birds

Texas is great as long as you don’t live here. I really like the way people are so friendly here but that’s about it…well, I also like that Texas is deregulated (check it out Anyway, the heat is absolutely stifling and if I have to eat another batch of barbeque I think I’m going to scream…I know I sound like I’m complaining but I’m so sick of Texas it’s no wonder I’m moving! I’ve been here since childhood and I can just do without all the big belt buckles and crazy hair spray and country accents. I’m moving to Cal where there’s more of an acting scene which is what I want to do, anyway, since there’s not a ton of opportunity here for it. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of nice things to see and do here but for me, living in Texas hasn’t been my favorite. I’m excited to get out and explore the rest of the country and who knows, maybe I’ll be back!

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This summer has been filled with county and town fairs! e always like to go to them but this summer even more than most since we are actually working at them, trying to raise money for our adoption! It takes a lot of funds and we are totally trusting God for the funds to finance the adoption! It is fun getting to take the kids to all the fairs too!!

Family Projects

We are always trying to be creative and think of neat things we can do to help preserve our family history/heritage! We have made family photo albums, cookbooks, and a bunch of other things. Whenever we are looking to do a big project, and need it, we look for document imaging companies that can help us out. If it weren't for some professional help, some of our projects would never be completed. And if they were, they wouldn't be near as good as with their help. I hope our kids grow up to value all of the neat things they will get when we are old. All of the things they can remember their past family members by!

Summer Camping!

I LOVE SUMMER! I have gotten so many projects started and completed! Right now I am working on finishing our garden and chicken coop. We have also started dreaming about an RV since we have room to store it on our property. For now, we will have to settle for rv loans if we wanted to get one. I don't see it happening in the near future, but maybe some day! How fun would that be to drive around with an RV and just camp under the stars? I would love it!

Crazy daytime TV!

Honestly, is there anything good on TV during the day? I'm glad I am at work because it seems like only junk is on anyways. All these shows about babies daddies. Soon, they will have a paternity test while pregnant so mothers don't even have to wait until they give birth! Then the shows will have a whole new group of people they can add to their show! Kind of sad how many people are willing to share their business on national TV. Do they really think it will help their circumstances? They are bound to go home and be recognized by everyone... and not in a good way!

New Bath?

Maybe the most relaxing thing in the whole world..... yup, baths! If you are going to spend some quality money on something, make sure it's on contemporary bathtubs because that is where you re-energize! Get away from everything and just soak it in! When my back hurts or I have a headache, there is nothing better than relaxing in the bath with a warm cloth on my forehead! Okay, I better stop talking about it or I'm bound to drop everything I'm doing and go for a bath right now!

Icky Belly Fat

Ewww, been trying to get rid of this last few pounds forever now! Why do we have to get older and it have to get harder for us to get and stay in shape? I need to find the best slimming pills just to see if they really work or not. Everyone I know is trying something new and different, maybe it will work for me. It's worth a shot, right? If it doesn't, then I guess this is as good of shape as I am going to be in. We'll see I guess!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lost with Carmin..

You are probably confused by the title of this post. Well, let me explain. When we lived in Texas I was certain that we were fine using the different mapping sites online when planning trips. I didn't see any use for having a car gps system of any kind. Well, my spouse had different plans. For Christmas we got one and I have become addicted ever since! I have no idea how we lived without one! It is so much easier than printing directions! I should have known to listen to her from the beginning! Oh, and Carmin is the name of our Garmin... had to give it a name, right?


So, I went to a NASCAR race with my dad and brother a couple weeks ago. I still can't get over how fast they move! I am not a huge fan but watching it in person really impressive! I think those drivers are totally nuts! I wonder if they have to have high risk life insurance or what. The winner of the first race was only 16 years old, can you believe that? He just got his license and is driving race cars... and winning! WOW!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a great weekend!

Well, the 4th of July was AMAZING! We spent time with family and friends. We also made some money for adoption too! We had an order of cookies for a birthday and two separate orders of cupcakes for birthdays! Then we painted faces and made balloon animals at one of the town gatherings for fire works last night! It was so much fun and the boys had a blast!!!! They were great marketers for us, by wearing their painted faces around and carrying balloon animals to show everyone. Once the lines started, they didn't end until the fireworks started! We can't wait for this coming weekend when we get to go to another town fair and do it again!!!! This week will be "catch-up-on-rest" week! ha

Summer.. time for weddings!!

Well, summer sure is a popular time to have a wedding! I know that was the case for us and just about all of our friends. It is also the time to get invited to a million Wedding Showers. I enjoy opening up the mail box and seeing that I have Wedding Shower Invitations waiting for me to open! There are so many cute invites now and so many places to get them from! Heck, I recently had a friend send ones she made from scratch! Very creative people out there! So, with the 4th of July just over, it seems summers are filled with holidays, camping, town fairs, county fairs, farming eventures, weddings, and wedding showers! Wish we had summer 12 months of the year!