Friday, March 30, 2012

Foster Care

Well, we are officially done with our classes and home study. now we just wait for our license in the mail and then a placement! We can't wait! God has been working on this and us for a long time (over a year) and we are finally seeing the fruits. God is good!

Health Care

Well, since it is so popular in the news right now, let's talk about it a bit. I am amazed at how much everything costs. I don't know if it is because they know insurance covers most of everything so they raise the prices but even the cost to go to the doctor for a few minutes and not even get any medicine costs hundreds. I heard one doctor say it's because they need to pay school loans but that just made me mad! I don't think I should suffer the cost because they paid a lot for school. I paid a lot for grad school and don't get any of that back in salary for my job. That's a bad excuse. The equipment, like ekg machines and others cost a lot to. Just such an expensive area of our society. Wow

Buying something special

It isn't often that we buy each other jewelry but we are wanting to sometime soon. There is some really cool steel rings that I found and of course there are so many other beautiful items we can get each other that we would love! I am not sure we can really go wrong with whatever we get but we always want to try and get the best thing. We have been looking a while so if there are any good ideas out there, let me know!

Loving the New Business

We are loving the business we are apart of! They are so good to us and they have great products. They have all kinds of cleaning products, cleaning leather products and kitchen products. They have everything and it is all essential stuff that makes it easy to sell since the products sell themselves. It is so easy to be apart of, sell and make great side income. I highly recommend it! Try it out!

New iPad

Now that we are doing a little business on the side, we need to get another computer or something. It would actually be nice to get a new iPad to use since it is so portable and would sync with our other one. We could write it off to since it would be strictly for business for the most part. We'll see. Might need more money for that!

Gold is Golden!

Gold is definitely proving to be golden these days! We have made a lot of money selling some gold and you can even go through some online companies like Golden Eagle buy gold online or others to sell what you have and make some extra cash. We all know most people need a few extra bucks right now in these tough times so it is something to consider! I know we thought about it and are glad we did it!


I can't pretend to know what it feels like to be pregnant but I do remember helping shop for a pregnant wife and it was an experience. It seems nothing fits or it doesn't fit for long. It is crazy how much one's body changes and we were always buying new pants or maternity dresses or whatever else we could find that would fit. I always felt bad but it was so worth it in the long run!

Health Care

Can't believe all the hub-bub about health care in the news. It has made it all the way to the high court and sounds like it will be found unconstitutional. Wow. A president rests his whole reputation and first term on something this big and then we find out it's illegal. That's going to hurt him. We are always keeping our eyes out and looking into different health insurance and life insurance deals. You can try here for life insurance quotes. It may help!

Dallas Mavericks

I used to post about them a lot but haven't had time. I catch some games but am more into being with my growing family these days. I hope to see them repeat but they sure didn't look good last night, getting whooped by the Heat. They need to make a big move this summer for Daron Williams! I hope to see howard come our way as well! Would be awesome!


Well, we got taxes done and back and did okay this year. Nothing like last year but we came out alright. We don't spend a lot on health care stuff so we didn't have a lot to claim there although we did think that Deanne was having some eye issues and were even looking at some eyeglasses cheap online. I am glad we didn't have to get her any though and were able to save a little money. Although, the ones we found were very reasonable.


Our dog, Wall.e, is so relaxed. He rarely runs or shows any emotion at all. I see all these people going on dog runs but I can't even get Wall.e to play fetch or go outside with me. He is a very sweet dog and really old though and he has had a rough life being apart of a puppy mill for the first 10 years of his life. We just want him to be comfortable, spoiled and happy!

Getting In Shape

Our whole office is on a nutrition kick. We all want to get in better shape and lose a few pounds. Our boss is the leader and doing great! I don't really want to do diet pills but I know a lot of people do. There are some good ones out there without as much side effects but I don't personally know a lot about them. You can click to read more about appexit and find out if it is a good thing for you. I plan to eat better and start being more active now that it is nice out again!

Great Weather!

I still can't believe the weather this past month. It's normally cold but has been awesome! Our chickens are even laying at a really high rate which is great! We have gotten outside a ton and got a lot done! I love our property!!!

Gave a Tour

I got to give a tour today at work. It was awesome! I love talking to prospective students about the school and what it has to offer. Many want to know about classes but many want to know about other types of classes like Yoga and Rock Climbing. Then they want to know where they can get yoga sandals, rock climbing equipment and all that fun stuff to use for their classes. It seems they want to know about that more than academics. I guess they just want the full experience, which is good.

Essential Home Products

Before you have a family it is really hard to understand just how much stuff you need. Stuff for the laundry, rooms, furniture, kitchen, everything. And you want good quality stuff without spending a lot. Like finding good towels can be hard and you can find brands like yogi toes which are great. When it comes to kitchen stuff, we stick with cheap stuff too. It is just amazing how much stuff we have to buy.

Gift Ideas

There are so many different holidays and special occassions to buy things for people. I never know what to get. I do like what we got my brother for his wedding shower but how about baby stuff? I have no clue about things like finding gifts for a baby's christening or baby showers or anything like that. Good thing there is the internet with lots of ideas!!!


It's that time again! FRIDAY! Can't wait to head to grandpa and grammy's house tonight with the family! Will have fun at the wedding shower and the kids will have a blast playing with one another!

Different Students

It seems every student is totally unique from one another with different likes and dislikes. I know, you are probably saying, "of course they are, everyone is made different!" Of course we are but it is really neat to see just how different we each are. Some are into math, some communication and others more technical programs, like one student I met with the other day who is interested in some cpa network. We all have different skills and interests. I love working with someone different each appointment!

Getting Older

Well, the boys are officially getting older. They are ignoring their kid toys and getting interested in more big kid stuff, like tamiya models and tractors and stuff. It is so much fun to watch them grow up. I can't believe how old they are getting. It is an added bonus that they get along so well and truly love each other!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Craving our Wives!

a true marriage is one where the couple are truly growing as one. They crave each other and building their relationship on their principles. I read a lot about enlarge maxx reviews for testosterone and all these helpful things, but I just want to be near my wife and to take everything she has to offer in. She is amazing and does so much for us. I am so lucky to have her!

Getting in Shape

So, our new thing is to work out during commercials in the evenings. We don't watch much tv, but when we do, we try to work out instead of just sitting! I have looked at diet pills, which you can find out more by reading this, but really want to start being more active. I am way out of shape. Three days ago I did 3 sets of 20 jumping jacks, pushups, and lunges. I am still sore. It wasn't even a big work out!

Foster Classes

Well, it has already been 2 weeks since we finished our class. can't believe it! 10 weeks of our lives were in that class and we learned a lot. we disagreed with a lot too, but it was good to hear so many stories and get to take the class with dear friends of ours!

New Music App

So, I am always trying to find cool apps on my iPad! I found a sweet music one that teaches you to play instruments. You can get almost any different kind of guitar, even models like fender american standard stratocasters and everything else you can think of. Once you master the beginner songs they let you buy new sheet music right on the app to use and learn. So much fun!

Remembering Moving

Wow, I don't like to think about all the work that went into moving! I just remember packing for weeks and then having to try to get it all to fit onto a huge truck! Not only that but we had to get strapping tools and equipment to make sure we packaged it right. I never found very good supplies but there are many more to choose from today! I hope we don't have to move anytime soon, or ever!


Today is a great day because I get to give tours! you thought I was going to say since it is friday!! well, that is good too but I love giving campus tours and can't wait to give one this morning and then do a presentation after that for 100 deciding students. should be a blast!

No Deodorant

So, we aren't at home this weekend so I had to commute to work from the in-laws. I found out this morning that I forgot my deodorant so I ended up just using some cheap perfume I found laying around. It actually smells pretty good so maybe no one will notice I start to smell towards the end of the day. Should be fun and a little nerve racking without it all day. Oh well, it's Friday.

Somewhere to keep my dough!

I have used so many different things to carry my money. I used to just put it all in my pocket but would pull out cash and always end up losing some. I had a money clip that I really liked and used a lot but then lost it and never got another one. I have a really nice leather wallet that I like but then I just stuff it with so much stuff I don't need and it is so bulky. So, now I just use a cell phone case as a wallet. Thin but it works.


It's Friday, Friday, Getting down on friday... ok ok... i have that stupid song in my head! But it is really friday and I am really glad! It will be a long but fun day at work today and then I get to be home!!! I can't wait to have boys night tonight while mommy is out with some friends! Will love spending time with my kiddos! :)

Our Old Vice

When we first got married, we had many vices that I am glad we don't have today. For one, we spent way to much money on stuff and didn't use half of what we bought. We loved looking for dvd discounts and would buy around 10 movies at a time. We had so many but then gave most of them away once we had kids. We hardly even watch tv anymore. So strange to think about how different life is now. For the better!!!


My kids are getting so old. I can't believe how time flies! Our oldest is now riding a bike and we are having to think of all this safety stuff. Looking at Bell Vortex Flying Tiger equipment, pads and everything else to keep him safe. We may just buy a big bubble to put around him to keep him from getting hurt. Not sure he would like it but it would make us feel better.

Part Time Job...

Well, I am not one that loves to work all the time but it would be nice to have some extra cash. I know friends who have jobs at coffee houses and answering services or other jobs like that in order to make a few extra needed bucks each month. I sure have thought about it but value my family time and don't think I would like to spend all my time working!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Single Mom

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes My husband and I recently separated, and I’m slowly but surely adjusting to life as a single mom. While he’s still very involved in our children’s lives, it’s mainly me holding down the fort from Monday to Friday. My life is chaotic at work and I typically come home to more chaos, but I am really starting to love our new little family. I did have to make some changes in my spending habits, and while I was making a lot of really small changes, I didn’t see enough of a cost savings to even notice, really. I was starting to get a little discouraged until a friend recommended I call special electric company rates to switch our energy provider. We’re fortunate to live in a deregulated state, so we have more freedom to choose our providers than a lot of places. It seems like such a simple thing to do (and it is very simple) but it has saved me so much money! Having that extra money has really allowed me to focus more on spending time with my kids and settling in to our new lives together. While it’s definitely an adjustment, it’s been really lovely so far. *I was paid for this post. It does not necessarily represent my opinions*

Spring Forward?

All morning I heard the people on the radio saying that this weekend is Spring Forward. I get it... we set our clocks an hour ahead, essentially losing an hour of sleep. What I don't get is that they kept saying that it's going to give us a longer afternoon. Won't it actually give us an hour LESS in the afternoon? I mean, today's 5pm will actually be 6pm once we spring forward, so wouldn't that just mean it will get darker sooner? I am confused!


So, it's March. Probably the ugliest of the months. Snow is still melting, everything is dirty and muddy and the weather is still fairly uncomfortable. BUT, it is great because it is finally not bitter cold outside! I will take this weather because I can feel how nice it will soon be! Not to mention I get to see bald eagles everyday on my way to work. How amazing are they!!!!!!!! I love driving to work and seeing deer, eagles and all the other creatures God has made!

stay home with baby

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton Once I have my baby in July, I want to take a year off work. It’s going to be tough financially, but I want to do it. I want to have plenty of time to get to know my baby , and get the hang of the whole mom thing. I’ve been saving money where I can since I found out I was pregnant. I’m planning on nursing, so we won’t have to buy formula, and they say that breastfed babies are sick less, so that should save money as well. If I stay home, we won’t have to pay for childcare, which is just so expensive. I am looking for ways to cut back on our bills and get the best deals possible. I wonder what exede internet deals I can find for our family, as well as what deals I can get on our car insurance. We have had a clean driving record, so surely that will help us get a better deal. Literally, we’ve had no speeding tickets or anything. Aside from internet and insurance, I’m still brainstorming. s and get the best deals possible. I'ould save money as well. If I stay home, we *I was paid for this post. It does not necessarily represent my personal opinions*