Friday, March 9, 2012

Single Mom

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes My husband and I recently separated, and I’m slowly but surely adjusting to life as a single mom. While he’s still very involved in our children’s lives, it’s mainly me holding down the fort from Monday to Friday. My life is chaotic at work and I typically come home to more chaos, but I am really starting to love our new little family. I did have to make some changes in my spending habits, and while I was making a lot of really small changes, I didn’t see enough of a cost savings to even notice, really. I was starting to get a little discouraged until a friend recommended I call special electric company rates to switch our energy provider. We’re fortunate to live in a deregulated state, so we have more freedom to choose our providers than a lot of places. It seems like such a simple thing to do (and it is very simple) but it has saved me so much money! Having that extra money has really allowed me to focus more on spending time with my kids and settling in to our new lives together. While it’s definitely an adjustment, it’s been really lovely so far. *I was paid for this post. It does not necessarily represent my opinions*


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