Sunday, November 1, 2009

A friends story

I ran into one of my friends and he looked great. I always remember him being a bit over weight and not caring much about his appearance. He told me that he decided to take better care of himself and began to work out and eat better. He said he found the best weight loss pills and a great group of friends that lost weight with him. This helped with accountability and seemed to really encourage him. I was so glad to run into him and even more glad to see how happy he was and how much he had changed his lifestyle around.

More Healthy Living

You are probably getting tired of me talking about healthy living, but I can't help it. I remember when I started eating better, working out, etc. it was the best acne treatment I have used. My skin cleared right up and I felt and looked a lot better. I have talked to a lot of my friends that have tried all different types of ways of cleaning up their skin and it always seems that the best way is just taking better care of your body. Maybe I have gone into the wrong field of work since I love talking about health tips so much!

Thinking back....

I was just thinking about when I got engaged. I shopped around for rings at all different places and ended up not getting the ring and the diamond at the same time. I got a ring I liked from one store and then looked at loose diamonds instead, since they ended up being cheaper than to buy the ring with the diamond they were selling with it. I ended up getting a great deal on mine and we were very happy with the quality. I wonder if many people go about it the way I did or if they just buy the ring they see in the store?

Went shopping

A relaxing Sunday afternoon started with us eating as a family and then watching the Vikings game. After watching my Vikes whoop up on the Packers, we went shopping for some essentials that we needed. We got lots of food, some clothes for Emry, air filters, and some gas. It is nice to get some of those shopping needs out of the way since we get so busy during the week. We can now just relax the rest of the night, watch the world series, and then get to bed at a decent time.


As our family grows, we start to talk more and more about a family trip. With any trip, we will need quality luggage to pack our family. I have looked at many brands and our current luggage is Eagle Creek luggage. We definitely need a lot more luggage if it is going to fit everyone's stuff though. It is kind of fun shopping for it since there are so many options. We have some time to think about it since we won't be going on vacation any time soon, with the newest addition to our family arriving in less than a month, but we will make some decisions soon.

Looking at Houses

Yup, we have started looking at houses even though we can't buy one since our current job supplies us with an apartment. It is fun to look at them and start to learn about the buying process before we start. I feel like we have learned a lot about the system, how it works, differences in houses like manufactured homes and other houses. There is so much to know and think about. I think that is why so many people end up getting a house they can't afford or being so discouraged when they start the buying process. I am determined to not let that be us!

Healthy Lifestyle!

I have spoken on this before, but I really think it is important to take care of our bodies, especially when we have families to take care of. Things like eating well, weight loss austin, working out, etc. can have a big impact on my health and I wish I would have understood it when I was younger. I would have definitely started at a younger age taking care of myself, instead of waiting until I am almost 30 years old. I guess it is better late than never though. I plan on sticking with this plan and taking care of myself better!

Good old days

I remember when I got my first car. I shopped around for a long time and ended up getting an older Mustang that had a rear spoiler, huge speakers, sweet tires, and was super fast! I still remember that red mustang and kind of wish I still had it. I ended up selling it to some kid and have seen it driven around town in horrible shape. It is kind of sad that I took such good care of it and then sold it and the kid ruins it. Oh well, I guess that's life. It is fun to think about that first car and the memories I have with it!


I have loved this weekend! We came to Minnesota to spend time with family and see our neice on her Birthday. It has been so much fun just spending time with them and getting away from campus for a while.

Staying Healthy!

I am starting to see how important it is to stay healthy for my family. What I mean is that I have a family to think about and it is important to be here for them as long as I can. Some people eat horribly and don't take care of themselves, and end up leaving their family much sooner than they would have if they took care of their bodies. I am starting to eat better, looking into Fastin, working out, and getting better night sleep. I am really committed to being here until I am very old and being able to spend as much time as I can with those that I love!

Still fixin up!

With our kitchen figured out, it is time to start looking at upgrading the bathroom. A friend of mine just redid his bathroom and loved the walk in tubs that he looked at and ended up getting! I looked at it and really liked it. I have to think about it for a bit longer but think it could be something I end up getting! The toilet and sink look great so I can really afford to look into putting my money into the tub. It will look great when it is all done!

It's almost that time of year again!

What time am I talking about? Christmas time! That means it is time to buy gifts and cards for all my family and friends. Some of my friends are into those christmas photo cards which seem pretty cool. They cost a bit more but they are so neat! I am always trying to do something different and I haven't ever gotten any of them before, so maybe I will try it this year. I can't wait to get together with all my family this Christmas!


So, now that I have a new job I had to figure out my new benefits. Working for the state gives me some great benefits and it was awesome to find out my life insurance policy. Although, it is not as good as where I last worked so I think I am going to get a life insurance quote and see what happens with that. It would be great to get even better benefits! It is always good to be thinking about how I can help my family!

Kitchen Faucets

We have been upgrading our apartment and it is time to look at doing a little something to our kitchen! We started looking at kitchen faucets and realized that we definitely need to make a change!!! There are so many awesome faucets out there that would be so much better than what we have! We even started looking at them to give as gifts for Christmas since there are many that are neat looking and reasonably priced!

Feeling down

So, for a couple weeks now, I have started to feel a bit down. One of my friends was talking to me and said that he was having stomache aches and feeling lousy until he got a colon cleanse. I thought he was silly but after thinking about it, I may give it a shot. I have tried medicine, eating better, etc. but still feel like something isn't right. We'll see what I decide!