Friday, December 19, 2008

Get a toll free number!

Do you have a business or simply want to save money and have a number where family or friends can call you free-of-charge? You should look at getting a toll free number. There are a lot of ways to go about getting one but only a few that really make sense and give you a good deal. We don't currently have one but with our new business going up soon, we may look into getting one. It would most likely be a very smart move for us to take!

Noah and Emry

We are thinking about getting a family dog when we get back to Texas and this is going to be our trial time to show us how well Emry will do with a doggy... so far.. so good as emry has taken to Noah and pets him, hugs him, and even kisses him:) He will love picking out his own doggy when we get back to Texas.

Memory Sticks

I was talking to a co-worker last week and found out that I can get a brand new memory stick with over 30 GB's for under 30 dollars! I couldn't believe memory sticks have gone down in price so much. If you need one, you should really look into the deals that are on the maket now adays! You will be as surprised as I was, I can promise you that!

Emry Sleeping

He is the cutest kid ever when he sleeps. I know all parents say that, but I really think he is the cutest kid ever. I do have to admit that his cousin Kaelyn comes in a really close second:) I could sit here and just watch him sleep for hours. He is so precious and I thank God every day for giving him to us:)

Great sites!

I love to look around for unique sites, and one of them is the consumer price watch sites. alli side effects is a great one to check out and is watching out for you. I get a kick out of searching the web for new sites that can help me or any of my family and friends. Is there anyone else like this or is it just me? I would love to exchange sites if you know of any good ones!

Emry walking everywhere!

I can't believe how much Emry changes each month. He has now been walking for a few months and becoming a pro. He is everywhere and into everything!!! It is so much work but a lot of fun to see someone so small running around. I love to just follow him around and see where he goes. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where he goes, and he seems to have sooo much I would love to crawl into his little brain for one day and see exactly what goes through it:)

Las Vegas Vacation!

I talked to my mother in law today and she said her sister's family was going to Las Vegas for Christmas. I couldn't believe anyone was going on vacation over break. I thought everyone went to see family over Christmas. I found out that there are a lot of good las vegas hotel reservations that can be found over this time of year. I did find it funny though, that there was like 5 inches of snow in Las Vegas over the past couple days. Other than the snow, I am sure they are having a blast!


Diana has been working on a family cookbook for a while now and it is almost finished. It is going to be sooo cool when it's done. The main reason for putting it together was to remember all of Great Grandmas recipes, but also to add in any that other family members wanted in the book. I am hungry just thinking about it!

Cool Jewelry

Have you heard of magnetic bracelets? I have never heard of them until recently. I was watching a show that had them marketed as a simple piece of jewelry and also discussed how many can be used to help people feel better. I had never heard of such a thing before. I don't know if I would use it for that but I sure would get one just for the fact that they are very neat.

It hit mom.....

So, it is now Friday morning and when we woke up, mommy wasn't feeling well... then... PUKE! Josh went to her side, right away, and began to pray for her.. we prayed for healing to take place right away. It was awesome to see as mommy started to feel better imediately! If anyone has had the flu before, you know it doesnt just go away that quickly.. it was totally a God thing!

Great sales!

Who doesn't enjoy finding a great sale? I know I do and I am sure everyone reading this does too. is a great place to find all the deals you want or could need. It is also that time of year when you need to buy Christmas presents and if you are like me, you still have a lot to buy. Don't waste the next week thinking of what to get or where to get it, start buying today! I have found a lot of great sales and I know you will too!

The Flu....

Yup, it hit us.... Hard... Emry was the first to get it. Late Tuesday night, he threw up. At first, we thoguht itwas because of all the junk food Grandpa has been feeding him.. but then he kept throwing up, so we called the nurse. It turned out he had the 24 hour flu. About 40 minutes after he started puking, Grandma started throwing up... then Grandpa. Wednesday morning, dad started feeling icky and mommy was the only healthy one in the house. Mommy made food for everyone and babied us..


One thing I love is to buy electronics. You can always find great deals if you look hard enoguh and they are so fun to buy. There are just so many different electronic items to buy! I suggest you look for wholesale electronics when shopping. You can find great deals and get almost anything you can imagine if you go with wholesale electronic shops.

Children's Program

We went to church on Sunday and it was the week that the Children's class put on their Christmas program. It was soooo cute to see them acting and singing. They did a western verison of the Christmas story, with cowboy's, sheep, hay, etc. The funniest kids were the sheppards that were SCREAMING their lines when they sang.. soo cute! I can't wait until Emry is old enough to be up there acting! :)

Laptop Memory

I thought buying a laptop would solve all my computer issues. My old computer is so slow and getting a laptop helped a lot! Until recently when it also started to slow down. I found out that I needed more laptop memory. It is so hard to find deals and know what is the best route to take. If anyone has gone through this same ordeal, I would love advice!

Home sweet home!

Well, we arrived in Iowa last Saturday and am sooo glad we got to come home for a longer break than normal! We do miss Iowa so much and going back to Texas is sure hard these days. We just want to be closer to family where they can share in the joy of our son:) We will be very happy to get back home this coming fall!

Laptop Issues

I thought buying a laptop would solve all my computer issues. My old computer is so slow and getting a laptop helped a lot! I was right, the laptop has been amazing! It is so fast, easy to carry around, and lighter than my old computer. I know how hard it can be to find deals so if you would like to talk about where I got mine, let me know!