Monday, March 12, 2007

Smartphones are the smart way to go!

I recently gave in and got a smartphone. I personally got it because I love that I can put all of my appointments into it and it offers so many other features. So, why didn't I give in and get one before now? I never got a smart phone before because they were so HUGE!

Today, I was reading an article in which Wirefly was talking about the increase in smartphone sales (according to Wirefly) as of late. One of the reasons they gave was because of the increase in "thinner, more stylish smartphones." I would totally agree with their statement, as now I can have a smartphone that actually fits in my pocket. The ability they now have to make these smartphones so thin is amazing!

Wirefly also mentioned that smartphones are now more reasonable in price, which is also another very large reason I finally got one. As with many of you, I could not afford a $500 phone, and now that many smartphones are around $100 I was able to afford one with no problem.

I suggest you check out the smartphones at Wirefly today!

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