Thursday, October 11, 2007

You have to visit the UK!

So, if you are thinking about a vacation, you should seriously think about going to the UK! When I was in college, I became very good friends with a couple of guys from the UK and they always expressed how beautiful it was! John was from London and he always told me that I could come visit and would have no problem finding Hotels in London, for a reasonable price. He said that he would take me to see Notting Hill! It is gorgeous!

Keith was the other guy and he grew up in Manchester but loved visiting Birmingham. Keith also told me that I would have no problem finding Hotels in Manchester or Hotels in Birmingham. Keith always wanted to show me places like the Manchester Art Gallery, or the Urbis.

The way they talked about the UK, it made me want to pack up and head over with them, right then! If you are planning a vacation, you should really think about the UK! Don't forget to book through Cheaperthanhotels, as they offer year round accommodations with free inclusions. Their prices are almost always cheaper than going through the hotel and they offer last minute accommodations, as well!


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