Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Look like a celebrity!

Have you ever wished you looked like a certain celebrity, or maybe a combination of more than one celebrity? I know I have and I always wish there was a way to see what I would look like with different changes to my appearance, before actually making the changes. Well, with Makeover Solutions, you can do just that!

I have always wanted to have a celebrity hairstyle, so this was an opportunity for me to try them out! I went ahead and did the virtual makeover, and played around with different features. They have all kinds of options. You can change your hair, eyes, lips, nose, etc. Then the fun starts when you start to play around with the accessories and cool jewelry that you put on yourself. You really can make yourself look like a celebrity and see what you would look like! I especially liked looking at different hair styles since it is hard for me to find one that really looks good on me. I was able to pull up different styles and find out which ones looked good, before actually getting them done to me. I was also able to change little things about my eyes, nose, and mouth to make me look a little better, as well. It is a very well put together database with a ton of options!

I would highly suggest taking advantage of their free membership account and playing around with some of the features. If you are like me, then you will have a load of fun changing your looks and making yourself look like a celebrity! Don't forget to checkout their makeover gallery, too!!


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