Monday, October 15, 2007

It is time to buy eco friendly products!

If you are like me, then you are tired of all of these products that are so eco UN-friendly. I know this sounds like a weird statement, but I am simply saying it is time that we start using more eco friendly products. Take for example. They offer over 100 eco friendly products for you to select from. Their products range from water bottles to solar backpacks and flashlights.

I know we are going to look into getting some of their baby products! I had no idea they had so much to offer and when I saw a category for baby items, I was really excited to look up what they all have. We need a crib really bad, so this will be the perfect opportunity to finally pick one up!

live greener products does more than just talk, they actually practice what they preach. They do not use plasticware and use such things as recycled office supplied, kitchen goods, and 100% recycled cardboard boxes! Not only do they sell great eco friendly products, but they also have an awesome learning center with has great information from sources like the EPA and US Department of Energy! They even have a blog called "GreenMusings" where their employees and the public can share green stories and photos!

Also, don't miss the opportunity to get a 10% discount off your entire order with the coupon code: GREEN10 .... This offer expires 12/31/07, so hurry up and order today!


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