Friday, February 29, 2008

Just the right fit

So whenever we get a house we're going to be needing a bed because the bed we sleep on now is owned by the University. I love the bed we sleep on now but i know there are all sorts of different beds out there. There's some really cool adjustable beds that look nice. My parents bed they just bought claims that you can put a glass of wine of one side and drop a bowling ball on the other and it won't move- my mom said that it is so nice because she never feels my dad move and get out of bed at night. the bed we have now is so soft and it has a pillowtop, it feels like you're sleeping on a cloud. I alwys joke around saying that whenever we move, we'll be in the huge house with nothing in it, because the University furnishes everything for us at the moment so we don't own much of our own, we might just have to pull out the air bed for a while until we buy one, haha.


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