Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paintball FUN!

Do you enjoy paintballing as much as my husband? It's fun for everyone, that practically any age can enjoy! If you do, then you really need to check out all of the paintball gear they have to offer at www.pntball.com!

I have recently been looking for paintball equipment to purchase for my husband, and this site has it all! They have a huge assortment of spyder guns. They sell every brand from Tippmann, to Spyder, to even Draxxus paintball gear! These are just a few of the brand names you will recognize when you visit their site!

While their top selling paintball guns are the Tippmann 98, Tippmann A-5, Spyder Pilot ACS, and the Smart Parts Ion, you can find tons of other guns that they offer, as well as really amazing package deals! I could purchase one of these guns, but my husband is in need of more than just the gun, so I started looking at their different Paintball Gun Packages, and found a lot of great deals!

I am personally looking at a paintball package that would include the Spyder Pilot ACS Black, it's one of their great spyder guns. I'm also looking at many other useful items like a Mask with visor, paintball harness, 6 Heavy Duty 140 Round Pods, Empire Oil, 9.6v Battery and Charger, as well as a Barrel Plug, Manual, and all with a 1 year warranty! All of this for just $179.95! That is over $100 off of what the listed price is! Not only is it a great price, but Ultimate Paintball offers the best prices with FREE shipping! My husband is going to love this gift!!!!


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