Sunday, February 24, 2008


I can't wait to have our own house! My wife has been watching these "flip your house" shows on tv, there's quite a lot of them, and in them they flip every room in the house and resell the house for more money and make a ton! My wife's favorite room that they do on tv is the bathroom, she says there's so much you can do with a bathroom. It is pretty neat how great the bathrooms look afterwards. They generally redo the whole shower, using tiling it, and then they tear out the cabinets and put in some new ones, with a new sink and also add some cool bathroom lighting it'd be fun to someday whenever we own a house to remodel some stuff and make it look even better, but everything always takes money these days! Most of my friends I've realized that if you don't do it right away when you first move in, it'll never happen!


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