Thursday, February 28, 2008

Xtreme Tanning Products by Ocean Potion!

Are you going anywhere for spring break this year? If you are, you really need to check out Xtreme Tanning Products! If you want to stand out on whatever beach you choose to visit, these are the products for you! Not only will you be the best looking one on the beach but the products are better for you than the competitors, blocking dangerous rays. These extreme tanning products have great sun care which even include anti-aging sun block. Don't hesitate, check them out today at

I love Ocean Potion products, for the past year I've been using the Ocean Potion Emtreme Tanning Xcelerator, and I love it! It has a great smell, unlike some other on the market that smell bad, and it goes on smooth and doesn't leave you blotchy- my friends that I go swimming with have their own kinds, but always end up using mine, because they love it so much!

Not only do their products have great sun care, but they are also holding a great Spring Break contest!! All you have to do is make a video, similar to the one below, and have a chance to win great prizes! It's simple to create the video and you have a chance to win $5,000 dollars or a dream vacation of your very own! How fun would that be to win? So go and enter...


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