Thursday, August 30, 2007

"The Way of the Christian Samurai"

Do you need advice? Sure, we all do! If you are a Christian, like I am, then you are probably always looking for advice from Godly people. I make sure that I get in the word, but it is also important to listen to others that God has spoken too. If you are like me, then you need to Find out more about 'The Way of the Christian Samurai'!

This great book draws from the writing of the ancient samurai to provide very great reflections and advice for Christians, today. It is a moving book that everyone should pick up.

I love the quote that they have on the very first page of their site, that says,

"The samurai, whose very title means “one who serves,” were skillful warriors of feudal Japan who devoted themselves fully to the service of their masters, willing even to sacrifice their lives in service to their lord. Christians are also called by their Lord, Jesus, to take up their cross and follow Him, and to seek to lose their life for His sake (Matthew 16:24-25)."

This quote really helps you understand that this book really strives to help us understand. Just like the samurai, we need to full devote ourselves to Jesus and follow Him.

I highly suggest checking out this book, and picking it up, today!


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