Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great Gmas are Great :o)

So my Gma is cross stiching a framed piece for Emry, and I'm so axious to see what it looks like....everytime I talk to her I'll ask her "So what have you been up to lately?" And she'll say "Well, I have this grand daughter who's about to have a baby soon- and I'm working away trying to get this done." She says it's taking longer than she thought, but mom says it's gorgeous. I'm glad Gma is doing this for him cause Emry will have something special from his Great Gma to always remember her by :o) And even though it's taking her longer, it's kinda good to keep her occupied, since I know she's terribly lonely now that Gpa's gone :o( So I love you Gma, and Emry does too, and he can't wait to meet you :o) In all sense he's a little token of all his Great Gpas that are gone now.....


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